[BB Cream] – Skinfood Red Bean BB Cream

09 Dec

imageI got this BB cream after I came to Korea and ran out of my mushroom one. I only saw 3 different ones at the local Skinfood shop. Mushroom, red bean, and aloe. I figure I have already tried mushroom, and I wasn’t too keen on the aloe, and I wanted to try the red bean a while back, but it was more expensive than the mushroom one. In Korea, mushroom and red bean were both the same price. This colour is the number 2. I tried the number one, and it was way too pale for my skin tone, so I stuck with number 2. This is not that much different from the mushroom BB cream, except for the smell. The red bean has a better smell than the mushroom. Where the mushroom smelt more like grass/herbs, red bean has a more floral smell. It’s still artificial smelling, but I think I prefer it over the mushroom one.

The coverage of this BB cream is not half bad. Normally can even out my skin tone in one layer, but some large blemish is still not covered up, I usually go over it again with a dab and pat it in, that usually works fairly well, and I don’t need a concealer.

Here’s a picture I took with fluorescent lighting inside my room. I hate that light…in order from right to left: dab, smudged, and blended.


And these I took standing out in my cold freezing balcony trying to get some natural sun light.

imageI don’t know how much good it’s been for my skin, I don’t really feel like anything has changed in terms of the texture of my skin, but I did like the BB cream and I got another tube to hoard home, along with the aloe one too. I think I might get a 2nd tube, a tube lasts me about a year. I have tried other BB cream samples (Etude House, The Faceshop, and Lioele), and I still like Skinfood the best.


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5 responses to “[BB Cream] – Skinfood Red Bean BB Cream

  1. Tiffany Martin (@cakepiedotcom)

    December 10, 2012 at 6:14 am

    How does this one compare to other BB’s you’ve tried from other brands?

    • watao0oo

      December 10, 2012 at 8:07 pm

      brand wise I haven’t found a BB cream that’s as affordable as Skinfood and is just as good. Etude House is lower in price, but I didn’t like the ones I’ve tried from samples. The Faceshop one was wayy too thick. So brand wise I like Skinfood best.


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