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[Polish Craze] – Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Fuzz-sea

Sally-Hansen_Fuzzy-Coat_Textured-Nail-PolishI saw these on the shelves in Walgreens while on my Portland trip and just had to get it. It was $6.99 (I believe).

It looked really interesting in the bottle, but after I applied, I was quite disappointed by it. It was not at all what I had thought/imagined it would look/feel like.

With all the little straight glitter pieces in the bottle, I thought it was going to feel somewhat grass like, and looks a bit grass like. But I suppose I misinterpreted the “fuzzy” in the name. I guess it’s more like fuzzy sweater, not fuzzy grass/fur.

Anyways, I tried to do a mani without knowing the properties of this polish, and it did not look that great. I pulled the teal and yellow from the fuzzy coat colour I had purchased for a French tip, and solid fuzzy coat on the ring finger. That was 4 coats of it, and it took too long to dry and so I took this off after this picture was taken. I’ll have to find a better way for this polish to work.


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[Nail Mania] – Crackle Your Matte

This year in lieu of pumpkins and ghosts, I am going with a more chic feel for Halloween nails, though I would say this has nothing to do with Halloween (haha).

While I was in Taiwan, my cousin gave me a few bottles of nail polish, one of which was a matte black crackle. Personally, I never really liked crackle polish, they look unfinished and the OPI ones I tried out didn’t look that great. This one, however, had a pretty neat look to it. It crackled in the right places and looks pretty nice. So an idea popped in my head just last night. I ‘ve always liked the contrast between matte and shiny, especially for the colour black. I find the different characteristics intriguingly interesting. So I thought, what if I put a coat of cream black polish under that matte crackle, and made this.

imageI went with a rose gold base for my ring finger, because you all know how I don’t like boring. Ideally, I would have liked the shiny black to come through a bit better, but I think the crackle pulls some of the shine away. Maybe I can try a metallic black next time. Overall though I do like the look of this mani, and I do think it has a bit of a Halloween-esque feel to it, don’t you?

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[Nail Mania] – Tokidoki Marvel Once Again

Another inspiration from Tokidoki Marvel collection. I think I still like the Wolverine best.

I wanted to do The Hulk last time, but couldn’t think of what to make the design of the other nails. This time I ended up with the doctor version of the Hulk (at least I think that’s what Tokidoki was trying to get at). The Hulk looks Frankenstein-ish to me…boo.


Spiderman, spiderman, does whatever spiders can…I know everyone is sing that in their heads! haha. So originally, I wanted to draw a spider web on my index, but couldn’t see how it would look nice in my head, so I forfeited that idea, went with the spider logo on the back of Spiderman. I know it looks like a blob, but that’s what it looks like on the Tokidoki Spiderman’s back!

imageI ended up drawing Spiderman’s head twice, cuz I ruined the first one while I was working on Hulk…I think I like the first version better…boo.

In Portland this weekend! WOO HOO! That is all.

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[Nail Art] – Failed Manis

I actually did these manis before my Tokidoki Marvel mani, but I didn’t like them much and they didn’t last very long.

This one is Sandy from Tokidoki. This stayed on my nails for about 10mins. Mostly because I didn’t like the pink tips, I felt that it was too pale, and just didn’t look very nice on my nails.

This was my Totoro inspired. Totoro is just not something I can draw for some reason, I didn’t really like my previous Totoro insipred either. For some reason I keep forgetting Totoro has whiskers…Anyways, I think if I have some part of the belly showing on my totoro head, it’d probably look better. I’ll try that next time, and I need to remember Totoro has whiskers!

The Totoro body looks like shit here, I hate it. The only thing I like about this mani is the little black dust guy on my left pinky
imageThe Totoro mani lasted about 2 days. I just really hated it. Maybe I can do better next time.

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[Nail Blog] – Tokidoki Marvel

storeSo…I don’t want to jinx anything, but I am working on posting one post per week. Fingers crossed that this lasts for a while haha.

Well, good news first, I found a job! yay! Since I no longer need to attend interviews, when I would need to have my nails filed down and have no polish on (to make a better impression), I have been looking for inspirations to go on my nails. After the Domo Kun one, I’ve been liking using characters. I am a huge fan of Tokidoki, especially the collaboration with Marvel. My favourite is actually Ironman and Spiderman. Spiderman, being a bit hard to do (with the webs and all), I first thought of ironman. After some googling of images, I found the above image (click to go to the website where the picture’s from). After seeing it, I couldn’t but had the image of wolverine in my head and how nice it would look on my nail. So I opted for two different characters.

On my left hand is the wolverine (ring), The Tokidoki symbol (index), and the wolverine slash (pinky). Of course I didn’t want all my fingers to have stuff, that would be too much, plus I wanted to tide in both hands with a similar design, so I went with a French tip, black with yellow underline. I quite like this design.
imageOn my right hand, I have the Ironman (ring), again, the Tokidoki symbol with a different colour background (index) and a failed bullet (pinky). Tokitoki Ironman is usually accompanied by him reflecting off bullets, and I wanted to put that on my pinking, but not being a lefty, it proved to be harder than I thought it would be. The French tips are underlined by red on this hand, that’s the design that’s meant to tie in both hands.

imageHonestly, I don’t really like my right hand. Ironman looks ok, but I think could be better. The red and black Tokidoki symbol doesn’t pop as much as the yellow and black mix. And for some reason the French tip black and red colour combo also doesn’t look as good as the black and yellow. Humm…

Next time I want to try Captain America and Thor!

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