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[Hera] – UV Mist Cushion – Nude

imag0254So after my first try with cushion foundation, I was hooked. (see [Missha] – M Magic Cushion Moisture). I mentioned previously I wanted to try other brands, unfortunately the brands I wanted to try were among the higher end ones, and I just didn’t want to spend $50 just for it. So I did some research to see if I can just get the refill and put it into the case I already have. Most of the blogs I’ve found said that if they are under the same umbrella company, the refills will fit into each other. Meaning you can buy a cheaper compact, and stick in a more expensive refill. I can’t really remember what goes in what anymore, after reading so many blogs on it, but I wanted to buy the Hera refill, so I specifically was looking for a brand that would fit the Hera refill. Missha fell under a different umbrella company, and hence would not fit with Hera refills. I found out that the Etude house ones would fit Hera, but I didn’t want to buy an Etude house cushion, mainly because I’ve never loved their makeup line, so instead I opted for a cushion sunscreen, because I’ve also ran out of my sunscreen, so I thought I’d kill 2 birds with one stone. When my package finally came in the mail, I opened it up to see if it actually fits, it did not. I had suspected this before I made the purchase, I thought the cushion sunscreen would probably have a different packaging than the regular cushion BB.

BUT! it doesn’t really matter, because I can just keep the refill in the box and still use it, and that’s what I’ve been doing. So I have no cute packaging to share with you this time. It’s literally just the refill. But after using the refill, I will for sure be purchasing the full compact, because I love the formula of Hera. (Well, that or I may purchase another brand, haha). The formula creates a dewy look, what’s better than the Missha is that even with layering, the dewiness never turns into oiliness.

I’ve heard good things about the UV Mist from Hera, but apparently the one I got was a new formula, it stresses “Nude” (as in the no makeup, makeup look) , there’s a “cover” version, which I suspect has more coverage than the nude. I purchased mine from the ebay seller iamlove-shop for just a little over $26 (remember this is just the refill). Image result for hera uv mist cushion shades

Hera has more colour choices compared to Missha, however, still on the lighter side of the skin tone. The one I purchased is No.23. This seems to be typical for me when it comes to Korean makeup (slight hint of yellow with a pinky touch to it)

Here are the two cushions I currently own. In this picture, the Missha one appears to be darker, but I find when I actually put it on my face, Missha is a lot lighter than the Hera, it may have something to do with the amount of coverage they give, but as you will see later on, there doesn’t seem to be much difference with coverage between the two.


Here it is swatched, from top left to bottom: tap, drag and pat


With flash: I attempted to compare the coverage of the two. Again here the swatch from Hera (labeled “H”) appears to be lighter than Missha’s (labeled “M”). But again it’s a different story on the face. Odd huh? I put the liner there to show coverage, they both appear to have the same amount of coverage, neither fully covered up the liner.

Without flash. imag0260

To conclude…

Colour: more choices, 5 to be exact, although certain colours are only available in certain formulas

Texture: not much difference from the Missha. Very light weight, I would say Hera feels even lighter than Missha. Consistency is very liquidy

Coverage: minimal. I’d say less coverage than Missha, although my swatches show similar coverage. It just looks different on the face.

Scent: very light floral scent (I want to say roses)

Sun Protection: SPF 34 /PA++. This is where Missha wins out. That being said, I doubt you’d get the full SPF protection with a thin layer of BB. That’s why I always use a separate sunscreen.

Properties: 5 in 1 product. Whitening (obvy), coverage, moisturizing, sunscreen, and cooling

Price: The refill was ~$26 CND The full compact is about $53 CND (Hera UV Mist Cushion)

Made in Korea.

Overall rating: 5/5 I absolutely love this formula. The colour matches almost perfectly to my skin, it’s not too pale like the Missha one. I can layer 3+ layers and it still stays a dewy look and not greasy looking. I just wish the price tag was much friendlier on the wallet.

I don’t know if I will buy the full compact, because of the price, and also because I want to try other brands (IOPE and Sulwhaso0 to be particular). Why must I like the expensive brands???? Although, I believe Sulwhasoo is the same umbrella company as Hera, and so in theory the compact should fit the refills, that being said, Sulwhasoo is also the most expensive brand under that umbrella company…sigh, maybe I’ll continue to just purchase the refills and never have the compact LOL.

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[Life Randoms] – Disappointment

I was all set to go, and then I got a call. Hello, just to inform you that the make up course you are registered for has been cancelled. Damn it! =(

I am so disappointed. I was really looking forward to this course. They’ve also informed me that there’s going to be changes to the course come next session, and I don’t know if I can get my schedule changed to fit that…=(

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[DIY] – Wedding Card


Weddings, weddings weddings! Today’s blog is a bit different from previously. Don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I enjoy doing crafty things, including making things from polymer clay, painting, drawing…etc. So a close friend of mine is getting married, originally I was only going to buy a card, but any decent looking card is at least $5, and it’s really just a piece of cardboard with some imprinted silver writing. I thought I could do better, so I went home, and made this…it took longer than I had expected, but I think it turned out really well!

The background frame was something I already had in mine, and then I did some googling of  wedding cards, and I really liked the idea of having the groom and bride on the front of the card, so I went with that. I regretted not seeing my friend’s wedding dress, so that I could customise the dress…all well.

Anyways, here’s the first version of the card. I thought the dress was a bit plain, but I really liked the suit. I also found that the dress was a bit too puffed out, and I could see the inside from under the skirt, not exactly nice.


I tried a couple of things with the dress. A deep pink flower, I felt that was too eye catching and made it a bit un-wedding like.

The final version of the dress. I also pulled in the bottom and tucked it in a bit more. I thought the bow was really classy and made it look so much better.

And the final version of the card.

I really enjoy doing these kinds of things, hope you guys liked it too 🙂

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[2014] – Happy New Year!

As that 3 turns into a 4, so begins another year of unknown adventures. Except, not really, because it’s too expensive to have adventures here in the great North America. The last few months of 2013 saw me cross off a couple more cities off my bucket list, but having been spoiled by Asia traveling, I forgot how expensive it is to be traveling in North America…

Well, I don’t mean to be a downer on new years, but I honestly really miss my life in Asia. I know now that I have a stable job and somewhat good income I should be happy with my life. But I can’t help but feel like I haven’t achieved anything in my 30.5 years of living. Passion is something I lack and still need to find.

My new year resolution? To find myself, to love myself, to enjoy the companionships of my friends & family, and lastly, to live life to the fullest.

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[Procrastination] – Hi

As always, I am starting off with an apology (and I wonder why people don’t read my blogs). I am sorry for my inconsistency in posting, You should all know about my procrastinating ways by now. Though I have pretty much nothing to do lately, due to being jobless, it does take some effort to post a blog, and I get lazy. I am really sorry!!

So a short update, I am still jobless, I am still job hunting, and I am getting a bit depressed at the lack of call backs. I’ll soon update with some travel blogs about Taiwan, and perhaps my last Japan trip. Like I’ll start on it right now! 

Please don’t hate me!

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