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[BB Cream] – Bioré Aqua Rich Watery BB 3D Effect

[BB Cream] – Bioré Aqua Rich Watery BB 3D Effect

ok, are you really surprised I have another BB cream review? This one is actually from a while back. So far back in fact, I am almost finished the tube.

Bioré is a brand that is fairly well known in North America as well, but it seems the Asian products are much more interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything Bioré in Canada, which is pretty odd.

Anyways, I first came across this because I was actually looking for the Bioré sunscreen, this was put together with the sunscreen, and I just had to try it out.

The consistency of the product is pretty thin but creamy at the same time. There’s not much coverage, but it evens out skin tone. I personally really like the fact that it’s on the yellow side for its undertone. I think this has to do with it being a Taiwanese product. Most girls in Taiwan have a yellow undertone, whereas Korean girls generally is more on the pink end. The yellow helps neutralize the purplely colours I have on my skin (dark circles/spots, and veins). It brightens the skin ever so slight, and there is absolutely no colour difference.

Colour swatches:

Closer to the wrist, I have it blended out, you can see the ever so slight brightness to the skin.

To conclude…

Properties: it’s been a long while since I purchased this product, I’ve thrown away the packaging and don’t actually know what it claims. But base on the name itself, it’s most likely claiming to be moisturizing and sun protection. I honestly cannot confirm the moisturization property of this product, it makes no difference on my face.

Sun protection: it is labeled SPF 50 PA +++. As always though, I still put another layer of sunscreen under this, just because I wouldn’t have put enough of this to get the full sun protection.

Consistency: very light and watery, easy to blend out

Colour: there’s only one colour with a yellow undertone. It has basically no coverag and simply neutralizes the dark spots, so I suspect this would sit well on darker skin tone girls as well.

Coverage: minimal

Price: I bought this in Taiwan a number of years ago and I honestly don’t remember how much it was, but I can for sure say it’s under $10 for 33g of product. Pretty damn economical.

Made in Taiwan

Overall: I really like this product 4/5. I mean I would like more coverage but it does the job when I don’t feel like a thick layer on my face but still want a put together look. I especially loved this product when I was in the hot summer like weather in Taiwan (mid 30s to low 40s). It stays on the skin pretty well and doesn’t feel heavy, and that’s what’s important.

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[DIY] – Do It Yourself BB Cushion


IMG_20170916_165239 I’ve seen a few articles/videos floating around on the internet about DIYing your own BB cushion. Normally, I don’t DIY much makeup/skin care things, mostly because (if you haven’t noticed yet) I like to try new products, and I mean I REALLY like to try new products. But staring at my hoard of BB creams that I likely won’t ever use up, I thought maybe this would be a good way to make use of my BB creams. So that I can finally finish them and have reasons to get new stuff to try!! *evil laugh*

I went mainly by this video from Meejmuse

I know there are some people on amazon/ebay that sells new cushion and containers that are made just for this, but I didn’t really want to spend any money on that. My Missha BB cushion just dried out, and so I decided to clean it up and reuse the material to make my own BB cushion. Here’s what I used:


  1. Skinfood Red Bean BB cream
  2. Sofina’s Primavista Ange – Long Keep Base UV
  3. Biore UV – Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF50 PA++++
  4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair 
  5. Naruko Calendula Soothing & Calming Toner

I just started adding stuff to the container and mixing it. The Skinfood BB cream was already a match to my skin tone, so I wasn’t too concern about the colour. The texture of BB cushion is more watery than BB creams, so I knew I had to water it down, so I added in some serum and toner to get to the more watery consistency. Then added the primer (“long keep base”) for a brightening effect and also longevity. The sunscreen was a bit of an after thought. The BB cream already had SPF, it just wasn’t strong enough. I honestly didn’t put in much thought into this, instead of colour I was more concerned with the consistency, so I added products that would help it get to the consistency I wanted.

So I ended up with this:


I did a swatch compare of the BB cream (further from wrist) and the BB cushion I made (closer to wrist).


You can see the colour of the cream on it’s own is definitely darker, and there is more coverage. The BB cushion didn’t seem to have much coverage, and the colour is on the lighter side.

I used this BB cushion on a test run today, it doesn’t cover much, but I can layer without feeling heaviness. It does even out skin tone, so if you are just looking to even out skin tone, and don’t have too much skin issues, this would be good. It could be the serum, but it felt pretty amazing on my skin 😀 I am loving this!

Maybe this will be the only way I can finish up all my BB creams.

That is all peeps! Until next time 🙂

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[Tony Moly] – Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream

imageWhen I got my The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex Pore Ghassoul Mask from Ebay, I got a few samples, one of which was this CC cream from Tony Moly. During my trip down to San Diego I decided to take this sample and try it out. To my surprise I actually really liked it. (The short and sweet version is at the bottom of this blog if you don’t feel like reading through my rants)

I have to bite my tongue because when my friend asked me if I am going to try the CC cream, I told her that colour correction base/foundation have been out for a long long time, and I am not ganna fall for the gimmick. That being said, this was trying because it was a free sample. But this CC cream was totally not what I was expecting. The old school colour correcting bases/foundations, if you are old enough you should remember, they are usually one particular colour, and it’s suppose to contrast, therefore, take away the things you don’t want. For example the green takes away redness of your skin. Purple brightens and takes away yellowiness of the skin. Yellow takes away olive, and pink gives a bit more complexion to people who are ghostly pale.

CC cream, other than Colour Correcting, also goes by Colour Control, but has the same idea: evening out skin tone, taking away unwanted colours of the skin. CC cream is supposedly similar to BB creams, but lighter in texture and feel; which holds true for this particular CC cream.

Now I haven’t seen/looked into many CC creams, but the Tony Moly version, comes out white, and blends into a pinky peach colour. It does indeed even out skin tone, but has pretty much zero coverage for any more obvious blemishes. I would say this is more suitable for people who do not have trouble skin, perhaps just a bit of uneven skin tone (too much pink, and dark circles).

From my research, the Tony Moly cc cream have colour capsules, in black, yellow, and red, that bursts open as you blend it into the skin. If you look at the cream closely you can see little specks of black in the cream, I suppose these are the colour capsules.


 Here it is blended out a bit, Sorry about the picture quality, I don’t know why there are black streaks…Hopefully you can tell the patch on the right is a pinky peach colour while the smaller patch on the left remains white.


And here it is fully blended into the skin. There is almost no colour difference, except the right side is a bit dewy and slightly brighter. This is the same case as my face, though, as I have mentioned many times before, my hand is whiter than my face.  You can also notice how little it covers. The blue vanes on my hand are still clearly visible.
imageIn conclusion…I am loving this product. The texture is super light, so light in fact, I can with stand it while being on a plane. Mind you it was a short plane ride (5 hours with transfer), but I never like anything, including BB cream, on my face while on plane rides. Mainly because the air on a plane is super dry, and usually makes me very very oily, which is very uncomfortable, even for short rides.

Colour: White out of tube, pinky peach after blending. One of the properties is that it’s suppose to match every skin colour, by some sort of colour matching via the colour capsules, I find this hard to believe. Perhaps it can match MOST of EAST ASIAN skin colours, as most of us have a beigey yellow skin tone, and not many are dark skinned.

Texture: It is indeed very light, and not very oily. I find my forehead tend not to get as oily as when I use BB cream, after a long day of work. It feels very comfortable on the skin, and stays matte on my cheeks after 8 hours.

Coverage: virtually none. If you are looking for something to cover up blemishes you may have, this is not the product for you. I myself don’t have much blemishes, as most of my pimples are white heads that sit under the skin, and really only bothers me, because I can feel it. But even so, I still find the coverage lacking. Though I do enjoy the colour correcting aspect of this cream.

Scent: It’s a light floral scent, doesn’t linger very long, and is pretty pleasant if you are not allergic to scents

Sun Protection: There are 3 versions of this. The Luminous Pure version, the one I have, has SPF 30 PA++. The Luminous Bright version, is a smaller bottle, has SPF 20 PA++. And the Luminous Live version, has SPF30 PA++

Properties: It claims to be a moisturising base, with whitening, anti-wrinkle, brightening cream. It also claims to be free of mineral oils, use organic colour additives, so it doesn’t stress the skin. The one thing I found was the Luminous live version is for people with more oily skin, where as pure is for people with normal skin. I am still not sure what the difference is for the bright version.

Price: I bought mine off Ebay for about $14CND. I’ve seen it on Sasa.come for $29.50USD. I’ve learned that ebay is much cheaper. The seller I bought from sent it over from Korea, and I am fairly happy with my purchase. The product is obviously made in Korea, as all Korean cosmetics are.

Overall Rating: 4/5 for lack of coverage, but generally I do like the product. It’s not oily like my innisfree BB cream, nor is it as dry as the ZA BB cream. More like Skinfood, it’s in the middle, but at the same time it’s very light and wears comfortably though the day, whereas Skinfood becomes a bit heavy and oily at the end of the day.

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[Estée Lauder] – Day Wear BB

Y4PJ_CA_311x311I know I said no more BB creams, but I didn’t actually buy this one? So that makes it ok right? XD

I was browsing in Sephora, as I often do, and ran across this BB cream while I was looking at the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (which BTW I did not like on my face), and out of curiosity, I asked the sales for a sample of this. The reason? Well, for one, I like trying out new things, hence why I have SOOOO many BB creams that I will probably never finish in my life time. And two, I’ve only ever tried Asian BB creams (Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean), so I thought why not give this European turned American brand a try. Well, obviously, they don’t know the meaning of BB creams.

Colour: There are two colours for this BB, light and medium, obviously I got the light, the medium was quit dark. And even for my skin ,which is considered tanned for Caucasian folks but pale for Asians, the light was still too dark. When I first apply it, the colour is not far off my natural skin colour. But after a bit of time, it turns a bit more yellowy than I would have liked.

Texture: This BB cream is actually quite thick, and I feel like it’s got a lot of oil in it. It feels fairly slick on the skin, feels like it can slide off my face at any time. It kind of just sits on top of my skin, and has a very thick feel to it. It doesn’t blend well into the skin.

Coverage: I don’t know if it’s the oxidation of the colour or something, but it doesn’t feel like it covers much. On the contrary, it makes my skin look yellowy and sickly. It also seems to magnify my pores. For a BB cream to be thick but without coverage is like buying $200 flipflops, it just doesn’t make sense.

Scent: I don’t know how to describe the scent . It’s almost medicinal, and I don’t enjoy it very much, and it doesn’t disperse very quickly either, lingers there for a while before it’s gone.

Sun Protection: SPF 35, no PAs, cause that’s an Asian thing.

Properties: it’s suppose to be anti-ageing, because it’s got all these anti-oxidants in it. I don’t know if that holds true, I won’t be using this to notice the difference. Estee Lauder website also states that it’s “oil-free hydration for all skin types,” I find this hard to believe, especially considering how oily it feels on my skin.

Price: Well of all things, this is probably the biggest difference there is between this BB and my other BBs. $45CND for 30ml (or $39USD in USA). The most expensive BB creams I’ve ever gotten was $20, and that’s for a 50ml tube.

I don’t have the bottle, but I am going to guess this is made in USA, as most Estee Lauder products now are.

Overall rating: well you just know I won’t give this a high rating. There’s pretty much nothing I like about this BB cream, and it sure as hell is over-priced. 1/5. The 1 for the possible anti-ageing properties that I will never know about.

Here it is with flash.

And again in natural light. You can notice the oranginess of it when it blends out, and this is light! I can’t even imagine this on folks with pale skin. image

If you want to read more on the other BB creams I’ve done reviews on, here are a few links:

MOAR BB Creams! (4 different BBs)

InnisFree Eco Natural Green Tea BB

Skinfood Red Bean BB

Etude House Collagen Mistfull BB

All About the BB Creams (6 different BBs)

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[BB Cream] – MOAR BB Creams!

2013-08-10 19.22.14

2013-08-10 19.26.06Alright I will admit I have an obsession with BB creams…I currently own more than I can use, and am still curious about other new BB creams…I are cray. (click here for previous post of a collective BB Cream review)

Today, we will be looking at 4 different BB creams from 3 different brands, from left to right in the picture:
1) Holika Holika Petit BB Cream
2) ZA Total Hydration BB Cream UV White
3) Skinfood Aleo Sun BB Cream
4) Holika Holkia Snail BB Cream

Let’s start with Holika Holkia Petit BB Cream. My friend actually gave me this one. She said that it gave her whiteheads. I’ve only used it once, so I will reserve final judgement until I’ve tried it more. Though, I will say that I’ve had a very bad first impression with this one.

Colour: Grey-ish. The colour is the main reason I didn’t like this BB. I absolutely hate grey undertone BB creams, that was the reason I threw out my Skin 79 one. The grey undertone accentuates my dark circles and acne scars etc. Basically all the bad stuff on my face. It also leaves me pale and ghost like, which isn’t exactly what I am looking for.

Texture: A bit on the creamy side. Feels thick while it sits on my face, and tends to settle into lines. I think I may, underline may, change my mind about it, if I put on a little less, but we’ll see.

Coverage: A LOT, but also makes the colour difference very obvious

Scent: Strong floral scent

Sun Protection: SPF 30 and PA++ (which is basically Asian way of saying you won’t get darker, because white skin is very important for them, the more + the better).

Properties: if you can read Korean, please let me know, because I have no idea.

Price: 5000won (about $5) 30ml

Made in Korea

Overall rating: 2.5/5 barely passable, but is worth another try

Picture of the cream with flash, you can see how white/pale it is. You can’t really tell that it’s grey, but compared to the other BB creams I have it does fall on the grey side.
2013-08-10 19.22.59

Here it is again, in natural lighting. 2013-08-10 19.23.53

2013-08-10 19.26.22
Next up, Skinfood Aloe Sun BB cream. This is an easy review. This basically is not that different from the other Skinfood BB creams I’ve reviewed (Red Bean and Mushroom).

Colour: The number 2, shown here, has a pinky-yellow undertone. The number 1 in Skinfood BBs has a yellow-white undertone, which is too pale for me. I also want to point out unlike the other brands of BB creams that I’ve tried, where different lines tend to have a variation of colours, Skin 79 for example has this problem; Skinfood BB creams, regardless of the line, has all the same colour, which makes it really easy for me to try them.

Texture: Creamy but slightly liquid, thinner formula, and easy to spread. More balanced formula not too dry and doesn’t feel greasy, unlike InnisFree.

Coverage: Decent, but usually requires two layers. Does help even skin tone and gives a sheer glow

Scent: Light floral scent, but stronger than the Red Bean Skinfood is still my current go to BB cream.

Sun Protection: SPF of 20 and PA+

Properties: Hydrating and soothing. Although each BB from Skinfood is suppose to have different properties, I really feel no difference between them.

Price: 10,000won (about $10) 50g or 50ml

Made in Korea

Overall rating: 5/5

Here it is with flash. If you compare it with the Holika, it is definitely a bit darker in colour, but lighter in texture

2013-08-10 19.26.58

Under natural lighting. You can see the pink undertone here more. And on the very right, there’s no colour difference from my skin at all, just a sheer glow to the skin, which I love!
2013-08-10 19.27.26 2013-08-10 19.28.12Next on the list, ZA Total Hydration BB Cream UV White. This was an impulse buy from Taiwan. The reason being the annoying amount of times I’ve seen the commercial, it was insane. But this was actually my HG while in Taiwan, more than my Skinfood. Originally I didn’t want to try it in Taiwan, as I still had some Skinfood left, and I wanted to use it up, but gave in because I wanted to see if it was any good, and worth hoarding. Unfortunately, logic got to me and I never hoarded this BB cream (as in the logic that I have more BB cream than I can use up XD).

Colour: Similar to Skinfood, pinky-yellow undertone

Texture: A little dryer than Skinfood, and that was why I liked it better in Taiwan. Taiwan is a humid humid, sub tropical island, and is HOT, meaning I sweat a lot, and my skin produces more oil than it normally would in Vancouver or even Korea. This BB stayed on my skin for the long haul, and didn’t grease up my face. Like Skinfood, it’s easy to spread and has a thin formula

Coverage: Good, just needs one layer. Evens out skin tone, and has a semi-matte finish

Scent: light floral scent, has a bit of sunscreen smell to it as well

Sun Protection: SPF 50+ and PA+++. Suppose this means it’s got more SPF than 50, but Taiwan’s FDA equivalent will only allow cosmetics companies to label up to 50, if it’s more you can only show by adding a “+” sign to it, so we will never know if it’s 60 or 100. Whatever it is, I still think it’s important to put sunscreen underneath any base make up, regardless of the amount of SPF labelled. The reason being we don’t put on enough of base make up for it to protect our skin effectively. Of course it’s still great to have some SPF in base make up, it’ll give a little extra help for the protection, if like me, you don’t put on a thick layer of sunscreen either.

Properties: Whitening (claims to do this in 10 days: I’ve never wore this 10 days in a roll, so I can’t tell you if that’s true.), non-comedogenic, and long lasting (definitely true).

Price: 300NT (about $10), 20g or 20ml

Made in Taiwan (I think it’s a Taiwan brand)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Here it is with flash. The colour of this BB is similar to Skinfood, but it has a bit more yellow undertone, possibly because Taiwanese girls are generally more yellow than Korean girls. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, and that was also something I liked about it.
2013-08-10 19.28.57

Again, in natural lighting, on the very right, you can barely see any colour difference with my hand. I kind of regret not hoarding these. 2013-08-10 19.29.31 2013-08-10 19.30.56Last, for this post anyways, is the Holika Holika Snail BB cream. This was a gift when I purchased about $145 worth of stuff from Holika Holkia (yeah don’t ask…). That was in Korea, and this came with a face cream and a toner from the same Snail line. I brought this along when I went on a 10 day Japan trip, and I did not like it. The main reason I don’t like it, actually has nothing to do with the product itself, but the packaging: it explodes. At first I thought it was just the plane ride, but I cleaned it up after I got home, and it still exploded…it just makes a big mess. That being said, since this is the sample size, I don’t know if the regular size would be like that.

Colour: Here’s another example of how BB creams from the same brand but different line can have a colour difference. The Snail BB cream has a bit more yellow undertone than the previously mentioned Petit BB (also from Holika). There is less of a colour difference (on my face) for this BB.

Texture: Lighter, more liquid than other BBs. Thins out better than the Petit, but still feels thick on the face.

Coverage: Covers quite well, but again, makes the colour difference obvious

Scent: Like all Holika Holika products, it’s got a strong floral scent.

Sun Protection: SPF 30 and PA++.

Properties: The BB is suppose to be moisturising, cause of the whole snail slime thing, it isn’t, it’s more greasy than moisturising.

Price: I am not sure of the price, as this was a gift with purchase, and I was never really into the whole snail slime hype, I would never pay money to get this. The tube I have is 10ml.

Made in Korea

Overall rating: 3/5 it wins the Petit BB by 0.5 because of the better colour match and thinner formula, but still barely passable.

Here it is with flash, and you can tell that it exploded because it was pretty much dripping out of the tube, and I had to quickly catch it with my hand.
2013-08-10 19.31.42

Again, in natural lighting2013-08-10 19.32.07

And I guess I can’t really do a BB cream post without the mandatory grease test. Sorry it’s so crowded, I ran out of room. The arrows point to the respective BB cream blobs. The first to turn up grease was the Holika Holika Petit BB, followed by Snail BB, then Skinfood, and lastly ZA (as you can see it’s got the lightest grey circle).

My suggestions for someone who has skin like me (normal to dry skin, oily T-zone, and semi-sensitive skin). If you live in northern cold and dry places like Canada (Vancouver is more mild but nothing compared to more southern cities like LA or Asian cities like Taipei), I’d suggest Innisfree or Skinfood. Innisfree is definitely more greasy than Skinfood, so it depends on your own preferences. I personally like Innisfree better than Skinfood during the cold winter months, but during the mild temperatures of spring and fall I would reach for my Skinfood. If you live in southern humid and hot troipcal/subtropical places like Taiwan or LA, I’d suggest ZA. It is very long lasting, especially considering how much I sweat while in Taiwan, I absolutely love it. During the more humid weather of Vancouver summer (all two weeks of it) I would reach for ZA. As for the two Holika Holikas, well, I think it’s safe to say, I would reach for them if they were the only BB creams I have left in my make-up bag, which is not likely to happen.


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