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Gatta Buy Them All! NARS Oasis

January 12, 2011

Ok, I know I have been slacking with my postings (sorry), but school started and I’ve been a lot busier (actually more like a lot lazier LOL).

Enough babbling, this post is a bit late. Before Christmas a friend and I went to Sephora and did a bit of shopping.

The only reason I made this purchase was because of the $15 off $40+ email I got from Sephora (they are evil that way). My original plan was to get a NARS blush and a UD 24/7 glide pencil. Once I got there, I realized that the blush was $29, instead of what I had remembered at $26 (my friend later told me it has always been $29, I am not sure why I remembered it as $26). The price tag completely changed my plans. With the blush being $29 and the UD liner at $20, that’s close to $50, which means I’ll have to pay $35 out of pocket, and I was trying to cut down on the amount of money I was spending, so I wanted my total to be as close to $40 as possible. So I got a small tube of hand cream (which I am always in need of) at $9, and a sharpener at $4 (I’ll tell you a funny story behind that later). Anyways, so my total came to $42 and I was pretty happy. Obviously, I am not going to blog about the hand cream and sharpener, so here it is, yet another NARS blush for my collection.

Originally on  my list were Sex Appeal, Desire, Taos, and Sin. I swatched them all, I don’t know how I ended up with Oasis in the end. I really love Sex Appeal, unfortunately it does not show up as well on skin as it does in the pan, so I gave that one up. Although I am still thinking about…perhaps my next NARS blush (that or the cream blush Enchanted). Anyways, Oasis is a lovely dusty pink with noticeable shimmer. Do I have something like it? of course not (LOL). Here are some swatch pictures.

The shimmer is not that noticeable here, but it’s a subtle shimmer, unlike Angelika or Super Orgasm. Mata Hari is still my current favourite blush, but this is still a lovely blush. My 7th one! 😀 They are like Pokemon! (hence the title of the post).

So funny story about the sharpener. I got it for $4, a friend of mine was looking for a new sharpener, I told her about the one I got, and we went to take a look at the Sephora in Metrotown, it was listed at $7. So I told her I would go look at the Downtown Sephora where I got mine at. I went the very next day, and where the price was suppose to be, there was a sticker over it that said $7. LOL I guess they must have labelled it wrong, but SCORE for me!

Alrighty then~ until next time live well and shop LOTS! 🙂

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Blooming Cactus Flowers

November 23, 2010

If you didn’t know already, I am a NARS fanatic, mind you I am not as crazy about NARS as some other NARS fanatics. To be exact, I am a NARS blush fanatic. I absolutely LOVEEEE their blushes (exhibit A:Blush holisim) So far, I own 5 NARS powder blushes, and my collection is slowly growing. The newest one to be added to my collection: the NARS cream blush in Cactus Flower.

I had told my friend once that I would like to collect all the NARS blushes, but I didn’t think about the cream blushes, because I actually don’t really like putting on cream blushers. It’s harder to make even, and it can possibly cause break outs. But out of curiosity I swatched this blush on my hand and fell in love. I had to call over my friend to pull me away from the blush, or I would have bought it right then and there. Although now, I realize that I was just delaying the inevitable. That being said, I don’t feel so guilty about spending money on this piece, because I traded in a bunch of optimum points (for Shoppers Drug Mart) at Murale (a Sephora-like store owned by Shoppers) and got this blush for $8. This was more expensive than their regular powder blushes, which was a surprise, because it was the same price on the NARS website (damn the difference in pricing between the States and Canada BOOOOooo).

The colour might seem a bit bold, but once blended out it’s a subtle flush on your cheeks, with a slight golden sheen to it. The texture of this blush is very blendable, it doesn’t feel sticky at all, and feels like absolutely nothing. There’s no heaviness, it almost look like it’s a natural flush. The cream melts into the skin, and looks like part of your skin. It’s very very lovely.

Here are some swawtches at different angles

I know it still seems quite red and bold, but I swear on the cheeks it’s a light flush once blended out more. Although some people might like the boldness of this blush. I tend to go for the noticeable but not obvious look, so this is perfect once blended out. In the first set of swatches you can kind of see the golden sheen of the blush, it is just lovely.

That’s it for today, until next time live well and shop LOTS!


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