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[Clio] – Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo Pen

Hi peeps! Yet another review! aren’t you proud of me for keeping this up? 😀

I think it was sometime in the beginning of the year tattoo/tinted brow products were all the hype. I had wanted to try, but all the reviews I saw weren’t very promising. The one that kept popping up in my searches was the Etude House tint my brows gel. I personally am not a big fan of Etude House products. I mean, yes I have quite a bit of their stuff, and when I was living in Korea, I had their membership and was a frequent visitor of their store…but it’s not my favourite. Other than the extremely adorable packaging, Etude House products have yet to wow me. That add on top of the not so great reviews, I chickened out. Lately however, I’ve been getting really annoyed at having to draw my eyebrows in the morning. I start work at 7:30am, and in order for me to get to work on time I have to wake up at 5:30am (yes, you didn’t read that wrong). I am by all means not a morning person, long story short, I snooze my alarm, A LOT. I usually end up getting up closer to 6am, and then giving up on my makeup routine, because I just don’t have the time or patience to put on my brows (everything looks off when I don’t have brows). So I went back on google and did some searches on other options for these tattoo/tinted brow products, and found this. Clio is not really a well known brand, I personally never heard of it when I was living in Korea. Recently it’s just starting to get big because their foundation (Kill Cover) is apparently really good (next on my list). My researched showed, the products Clio puts out are generally good, so I decided I wanted to try this, even though there aren’t many reviews floating around on the internet.

Funny enough if you google Clio not much will come up that’s actually relating to the brand. According to their wiki page Clio Cosmetics was founded in 1993 and is a professional makeup brand. The famous lip tints by Peripera was launched by Clio in 2005. They also launched Goodal in 2011 (a natural skin care brand) and Healing Bird in 2017 (botanical hair and body care brand).

Anyways, on with the review. The pen, is literally a pen, it looks exactly like a marker, and feels the same as well. But don’t worry the smell is nothing like a sharpie.

I apologize for the blurriness of this photo, my phone wouldn’t cooperate with me.

Here are swatches. I drew lines using the flat edge and the pointy end. The colour I ordered was call “earth brown.” I don’t recall why I ordered this colour, I thought I had ordered the least red tone one, but this turned out to be quite red, although you can’t really see it on the swatch, the tint is a lot more red, as you will see on my brows.

These are my naked brows. I will confess when I got this product I was so psyced I wanted to try it right away, and I had forgotten to take a picture of my naked brows, so this was actually taken after the tint faded out (took about a week)

Sorry I am just showing you my brows, I am not ready to show my naked face to the world LOL.

Here it is with the product on

and here’s the gradual fade…Day 1

Day 2

So the instruction said for the tattoo brow look, you are to draw on your brow after you’ve washed your face, but before any skin care. It suggests to do this the night before, and you sleep on it for 8 hours, when you wake up to wash your face, your brows would have tinted (so much better than the possibility of losing your brow hair for the EH tinted gel). The other option you can do with this product is actually use it as a brow pencil in the morning to drawn on your eye brows.

My first try was to do it over night, and the results shown are of one application. If you want a darker tint repeat the process several nights in a row and the tint will be darker.

I only took pictures up to the 2nd day because by the 3rd day it faded quite a lot and I needed to actually draw my brows on. I didn’t want to put on a 2nd application, because I needed that photo of my naked brows. Although the fade was quite significant by the 3rd day it wasn’t till the 5 or 6th day that the tint was completely gone.

My 2nd try with this pen, I put it on in the morning and let it steep for the rest of the day. I figure I spend more time being awake then sleeping maybe it’ll tint better during the day, and it did!

I am fairly impressed with this product, it does what it claims to do. I originally thought the marker shaped tip might be difficult to work with, but it wasn’t too bad at all. The only complaint I would have is that there is no sharpness to the tint, the lines kind of blur out no matter how sharp I drew it, and the tail of my brows doesn’t tint as well, I am not sure if it has to do with hair density maybe?

To conclude…

properties: there’s no actual skin care properties in this product, like the BB creams. It claims to tint your brows, and it does just that.

Price: I purchased this off of ebay for about $14 CND, it’s on the expensive side, but will have to see how long it can last (how many uses)

Scent: It doesn’t really have any scent, if you put it really close to your nose and sniff you may be able to smell a very slight hint of marker but in general there’s no scent to it.

Longevity: like I said, I am pretty impressed with this product, and how long the tint stayed on my skin. Even used as a regular brow pen, it doesn’t look odd like the gel tint would look. I will actually go out in the darker drawn brows.

and yes you guessed it, it’s made in Korea 🙂

Overall rating: 5/5 I enjoy being able to sleep in just a little longer, so this has been a life saver! I will for sure repurchase.

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