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[Face Off] – Biorè Cleansing Oil and Milk

image Olah! Look I am blogging so soon!! SO AMAZING! LOL Well don’t get too excited, this isn’t about my trip around Taiwan. This time around it’s a beauty blog, sort of about Taiwan. I got these make-up removers from Taiwan, they aren’t sold any where outside of Asia even though Biore is a known brand here in North America, you just can’t find this here (sad face). I’ve actually read reviews on this cleanser a while back and have always wanted to try it. But being stuck in North America where cheap, good drug store skin care just doesn’t exist, I had to opt for things that I could find on ebay such as the DHC cleaner (which is majorly expensive if you think about it). Anyways, during one of my many visits to the local drug/make up store in Taiwan, I saw this beauty, and it was on sale! So I got a smaller bottle (which I gave to my aunt cause she forgot to bring her own back) and tested it out in Taiwan. I fell in love. It works just as well as the DHC at half the price. The picture shows 2 versions, one is a oil (clear bottle), the other claims to be milk cleanser (in the white bottle). I wouldn’t call it milk so much as a gel. I was expecting lotiony consistency but it was more along the lines of a gel-ish oil cleanser (pictured below). I suppose the white-ish colour of the gel/oil makes it a “milk.” Who knows what the Japanese were thinking *shrugs* The pictures that follow are of the “milk” cleanser, I’ve tried the oil one in Taiwan and they both work about the same.


Alrighty, on to its performance! Picture below is my hand with waterproof or at least long lasting make up, as labelled.


And here it is after a few mins massaging the “milk”

Some time under running water, annnnnnnnnnnd, VOILA! Clean as a whistle!

Without a doubt,  I hoarded these back to Canada. I have 2 bottles of the milk version and 2 bottles of the oil, I am currently using the milk version, not quite sure what I am going to do when I run out (the scary thought!!). They were a little less than 300NT (less than $10CND/USD) while on sale (I didn’t pay attention to how much regular price was, I think 400 something?).

The difference:

So there is a slight difference between the 2 versions of the cleanser. The oil version doesn’t sting my eyes as much as the milk one, so if I ever get the chance to hoard them again, I’ll be hoarding the oil version.

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[Face Off] – The Faceshop Fresh Cleansing Oil

imageAfter I finished using the brightening version of this cleansing oil, I decided to try another one. The fresh version sounded like it would work for my skin. The packaging is exactly the same expect for the colour of the bottle, I personally prefer the blue/purple colour of the brightening version, but I guess that has nothing to do with the product itself.

In the picture the product is more than half gone, only because I dumped a great deal of amount into  a smaller bottle for travelling purposes, I didn’t actually use that much in such a short time.

Similar to the brightening version of this cleansing oil, the fresh version also does not wash off clean with just water, but again it does a pretty good job removing make up and such. There’s not much difference between the two versions except for a couple of things.

First the scent. The fresh version has a sweet and sour scent versus the floral scent of the brightening version. I don’t really enjoy the scent of the fresh version, but this is a non-issue.

The other more significant difference is that the fresh one stings my eyes. I am not sure if it has to do with the type of essence they claim to have used in the product (brightening claims it uses prune and fresh claims to use cherry blossom) or what, but the fresh version is not very comforting around the eyes. I think I will definitely go back to the DHC. I can’t really handle the fact that it does not wash off clean

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Food for Your Skin – Korean skin care Part 1

May 18, 2011

So after the BB cream experimentation I started venturing more and more into Korean brand cosmetics. What I found interesting was that Korean brand cosmetics seems to focus a lot more on skin care rather than make-up. I think I have hit the ceiling in terms of how much make-up I would like to own, so I started buying a lot more skin care recently, so it was perfect timing to venture into more Korean brand products. So far I have tried Tony Moly (this was because one of their spokes person was a Korean boy that I was gaga over LOL); Laneige (because this was the only Korean brand I have heard of in the begining); and Skin Food (it just sounds healthy, and the price is also very affordable).

I would like to try more Tony Moly stuff because their packaging is just adorable, but they are somewhat hard to find. only has a few items from them, and I can’t seem to find a good seller that sells them on ebay either (if anyone has seen other places that sells this brand for a reasonable price, please let me know). Laneige is one of the higher end brands with more expensive stuff. I have tried a strawberry yogurt mask that I did not notice any effects of, so I probably won’t fork over more money for their stuff. Another brand that I have yet to try is Etude, I have only see them at, so perhaps the next time I order I will order some stuff to try.

I am sure with the first picture most people can guess which brand is the focus of this post (not to mention the title of the entry as well). Through my experimentation I have fell in love with Skin Food. It claims to be food for your skin, so all of the product have some sort of “food” in it. Skin Food is a hit and miss with me some times though, simply because of the smell. The product itself is good, but some of the product’s scents are not something I like. For something like a cleanser I am fine with odd smell since it doesn’t stay on my face for long, but I can’t take strong scents when it comes to creams or lotions.

Anyways, I’ve been buying lots of Skin Food product over ebay because they are cheap, and the packaging is equivalent to high end brands in Canada. All of their creams are in glass jars and their emulsions are in glass bottles. It’s just nice to use something with a high end packaging feel when the product itself was about $20 or so. I have not yet paid over $30 for Skin Food stuff, as I recall none of their products are over $30. I am sure they’d be cheaper in Korea, but for the effectiveness of the product, I am willing to pay $20 in Canada. So since I have tried so many things, I am going to break them apart and review them separately. All of the products I have tried are good stuff, there are a couple that the scents are a bit eww but not so bad that I need to dump it.

Anyways, I am going to start off with something I just recently got. It’s an easy review since it’s a cleanser so I don’t need to test it out for the long term.

The Honey Black Tea Cleansing Oil. I got this out of curiosity as I am on my last bottle of DHC. Realizing that DHC is about $25 per bottle, I thought I’d look for a cheaper alternative. When I read the description of this product I didn’t see it mention anything about removing waterproof products, but since it was an oil, I assumed it would. So being a bit hesitant I got this on ebay for about $18 (cheaper and a bigger bottle than DHC). When I received it I had to try it right away. It did not disappoint. It did indeed remove my waterproof mascara (which is really the only reason why I need a make up remover). It, however, is one of the products I mentioned above that has a funky scent. I believe it’s the honey scent. I am not a big fan of honey scented stuff, I always find that they smell like washroom, which was the same in this case. Mind you it did remove everything and cleans just as well as DHC. However, I can still feel a bit of the product after I wash it off with water, which is not necessary a bad thing. I do find DHC a bit drying after I wash it off. Skin  Food is not as drying, and it’s not a left over greasy feeling, so I am actually ok with that. The other thing Skin Food wins over DHC is that it doesn’t sting my eyes as much. But I don’t know if I can get over the smell…That being said, one of the creams I used also had a funky scent that I did not enjoy, but I got use to it soon enough.

Anyways, enough babbling, here are some use pictures.

I put everything I can find that’s waterproof or water resistant, they are all labelled above.

here they are again after a run under water, everything is sticking pretty well.

here they are again, after I patted dry (the oil has to be used dry, other wise it will not work). Again most of the things stayed pretty well, I think only the UD shadow and NARS shadow faded a little.

Ok, I know this looks kinda gross. This is after a bit of massaging the oil, everything’s pretty much gone. It’s black from the dark eye shadow and mascara.

This is after a run under water. The oil turns kinda lotion-y after water touches it, that’s why skin has to be dry before you apply the oil.

And here again is my hand all clean.

I think I will try more stuff from Skin Food, if I can find another cleansing oil I will try that to see if the smell is more acceptable. Who knows, I might get use to the smell after I finish the bottle.


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