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[Missha] – M Magic Cushion Moisture

IMAG3701Permission granted to squeal about how CUTE these things are!

Hi all, sorry for the long absence (seems like I am always apologizing about that). Life stresses has gotten to me, I am not going into much details other than that. But with stress, I shop, and when I come across something worth blogging about, I will certainly share.

If you don’t know these characters, they are from a phone app call “LINE.” The phone app allows for international free text messages, phone calls, and video chats. The app has a whole set of characters call “Line Friends.” They are a pretty big deal in Asia.

Recently I found out that Missha has a whole line based on these characters, and I just couldn’t resist. Though I would have liked to have purchased everything in that line (mostly make up with some skin care items), I controlled myself and only got these two. The Brown bottle (the bear’s name is Brown) is the Missah Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence – Intensive. This has been compared to the SK II Facial Treatment Essence, and according to the reviews I’ve found, to be comparable at a less expensive price tag.

The main focus of today’s post is not the essence though, its the yellow/orange Sally compact (the duck/chick’s name is Sally).

The whole cushion foundation thing is big in Korea, and I have noticed it has crossed over to the North American side as well. With Korean make up becoming more of a big deal in North America, it seems the Korean make up trends are crossing over quicker than it ever did. Anyways, I purchased both of these items off of Ebay. My seller was Korean, but they still jacked up the price to about double. The compact was about $20 CND and the essence $48 CND. On a side note, both of these also come in the other character’s packaging. I am not sure if there is a difference with the essence, but the Brown version of the compact is not “moisture.” According to the description Brown has more  of a matte finish then the dewy finish of the Sally version. I opted for the Sally version because I am not a big fan of matte make up. (Ebay seller: 7market)

So I’ve used this for about a month now, and I absolutely LOVE it. I am pretty much obsessed with cushion foundation now and want to try all the different brands. From my research HERA and IOPE seems to be the brands people really like. That being said they are the higher end make up brands and as such the price tag is not as appealing. From a quick Ebay search, the HERA UV Mist Cushion ranges from $45 to $50 CND, and IOPE $37 to $47 CND. If you ever see one under $20, just be aware that’s probably just the refill. Why I chose Missha over HERA and IOPE? It’s not just the price tag, it’s the packaging!!

I mean look at it!! Isn’t it just the cutest thing ever???


I was pretty surprised when I opened the package and it had a refill and an extra puff. I had originally thought it’d be just the one compact. $20 was a STEAL!
IMAG3730 Here’s the actual compact opened up. I purchased no.23 for the colour, the other option was no. 21 and it was the lighter of the 2.

I think colour choice is the only downfall of Korean make up, though I understand why they do that. In Korea, girls generally have pale skin and not much of a colour range is needed. I’d say about 80% of the girls in Korea have similar skin tone. With no. 23 being the darker of the two, it’s still a bit light for my skin tone (but I am not Korean). That being said not much colour difference can be noted after I put it on. Koreans are really into the no make-up, make-up look, and so am I , especially when it comes to foundation. Who wants to look all made-up with a cake layer of foundation on your face?? For me, a good foundation is one that covers major flaws but not necessarily covers all flaws. I think that’s the key to the no make-up, make-up look, having minor flaws show through to give the illusion of no make-up. I have some sun spots on my cheeks that nothing but a thick layer of concealer + foundation would cover, so I don’t try to cover it.

So the whole idea of these cushion foundation is that they have all these beneficial ingredients in there, and you pick it up with the special puff and pat it onto your skin. Simply put, it’s a light BB cream in a different packaging. Now, you all know (if you’ve read my previous blogs) I was obsessed with BB cream, that was the only thing I have been using since the discovery of it, I have tried multiple brands and reviewed them all ([BB Cream] – MOAR BB Creams! [BB Cream] – Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream [BB Cream] – Skinfood Red Bean BB Cream…many many more).

I am stressing light, because the product is definitely not a cream. It is more fluid which allows for layering. If you like to cover all your flaws, there’s no issues with this foundation to keep layering it on. It keeps the dewy look and doesn’t look cakey. After all the good things I’ve said about this, my first impression of this product was actually negative, but it was because I had used it wrong. The first time I used it, I pressed the puff into the cushion too hard and it picked up too much product and was just a big glob on my face. It felt greasy, and the “dewy look” was looking more like the “oily look.” So I will still warn against layering too much of this stuff on your face. I’d imagine the Brown version (the non-moisture version) would look better if you are wanting to layer, without the oily look.

IMAG3733So what is too much product? Take a look at the picture of the puff, that’s how much you want on your puff, where you can barely see anything. If you press hard enough, the product will soak through the puff and you will be able to see it, you DO NOT want to do that. Press into the cushion, pick up product, pat onto face, and repeat as needed. You’ll find even with the little amount of product on the puff, coverage is still there. It was able to cover most of the red on my face (around the nose), and lighten up the darker areas (around the mouth and under my eyes). It wasn’t able to cover my sun spots completely, though did fade it out. With a few more layers my sun spots would not be noticeable, but like I said, I don’t like layering that much.

The other thing that surprised me with this product was the scent, or the lack there of. Korean brands tend to be heavily scented. But this product had just the normal foundation scent to it, I mean it’s not the best scent, but it’s not the most horrifying either.
IMAG3734 I will also note, with my vast experience with Korean brand (drugstore), I’ve never tried any Missha products. I am not sure why, but I’ve never been swayed that way, probably because their packaging is never as cute as Etude House/Holika Holika or as sophisticated as Innis Free/The Face Shop. Missha packaging tends to have a very princessy feel to it, and I am not big on the princess thing.

Anyways, here are some swatches of the product. No. 23 is on the more yellow side, no. 21 is just super light pink. I had actually patted on the product on the bottom of the swatch, but as you can see, you can’t really tell there’s anything there.

To conclude…

Colour: not much of a choice. No. 23 the darker of the 2 is a yellowy/pinkish beige. No. 21 (by picture) looks to be a very light pink beige. Edit: after looking it up on Missha USA website, they have a 3rd choice of colour in no. 27, which seems to be darker than the no. 23.

Texture: super light weight, almost water like with a bit of a gel like consistency. I’d say comparable to the Makeup Forever Face & Body.

Coverage: decent. Covers most major flaws in a layer or 2, more coverage can be obtained with more layering, but watch for the “dewiness”

Scent: nothing overwhelmingly bad or good, just normal foundation scent

Sun Protection: SPF 50+/PA+++ Probably won’t be able to get the SPF 50 protection with one layer of the product though

Properties: as most Korean make-up would claim, this is also a multiple product in one type of deal. UV protection, moisturizing, and anti-wrinkle are among the functions it claims to have.

Price: With the actual compact plus a refill and additional puff, I’d say $20 is a pretty good deal.

Made in Korea.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 It’s pretty much my go to foundation nowadays, even though I still have like a million tubes of BB cream to use up…If it didn’t become greasy looking after more than 3 layers, I’d give it a 5/5. I may or may not try the non-moisture version. But I am more incline to try the HERA or IOPE brand, wonder if the refill might fit in my Missha compact…



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