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December 30, 2010

Yet another nail blog…I don’t know why I’ve been feeling the need to change my nails almost every week (in this case everyday). I wasn’t too happy with the Canucks nail thing I did, and thought about doing characters, and thought of Mickey Mouse, and who better to go with Mickey than Minnie herself! I don’t know why I thought of them, they aren’t my favourite cartoon characters. I think because they have more memorable points (being so old they kinda have to).  So in an effort to be different, I decided to share how I start the process of painting my nails.

This is what I normally would do before starting a complicated mani design. I learned to do this after having to take off and repaint base coats and wait for them to dry again and again if I ruin a nail, or didn’t like the design on it. And having to take off nail polish usually invovles ruining another nail(s), because I always accidentally touch the cotton pad to another nail(s). Before I start any crazy nail designs, I google images of the inspirations, and draw out what is in my head (with a pen). Then I do the actual design on paper. Of course this is a lot easier than drawing on my own hand.

Of course, even with all the planning, it doesn’t always turn out exactly the same. Mostly because it’s a lot harder to draw on nails than paper, but also because I like to make spontaneous changes. The top of Mickey’s head (on left ring finger) for example, I decided to put in the eyebrows and eyes last minute because my mom couldn’t make out what it was suppose to be. And the Minnie face on the middle finger of the right hand, originally I only planed to have the outline of the nose and eyes, but thought it looked odd, and added the white face. I was going to stop there, then thought it still looked weird, and added the black bits. I was pondering on whether I should put the bow up, but lazy-ness got me and I decided not to.

Right Hand:

The Minnie head on the thumb didn’t turn out that of the ear is kind of pointy instead of round…but I am not a lefty, so I don’t think I can do any better LOL.

Left Hand:

The left hand turned out better than I expected. I love love the Mickey head on the thumb! The only issue I have is probably the image on the middle finger, can people tell what that is? (Answer’s below)

This took me quite a long time, 2 and half hours. I think it’s one of the most complicated ones I have done so far. Hopefully, I will be able to start some other blogs that are non-nail related soon (haha). we’ll see how long this one can stay before I get bored of it. LOL

Until next time, live well and shop LOTS!.

Answer: It’s Pluto’s mouth, does it actually look like it?


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