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[Holika Holika] – Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner

Ok, so I normally don’t review a product until I have tried it, but I have to make an exception for this one. A friend back in Vancouver texted me and asked me to look up how much this liner was in Korea. I went to take a look and ended up getting one myself.


The Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner from Holika Holika. It’s 4,900 won, which is around $4.90CND. I swatched a bunch at the store. The colours weren’t amazing. I thought the purple one I got was a close dub to the UD 24hr Glide On Shadow Pencil in Delinquent, which I also have. I was also tempted to get the brown one, but the glitter stopped me. I am not big on glitter for eyeliner. Here’s the picture I took outside of the store, fearing it would smudge by the time I get home for me to take a nice picture.


From top to bottom: a greenish brown, light brown, purple, bluish black. These are not their official name, I would tell you their official name if I could read Korean =p

Alright, so why am I reviewing it without actually having used it? well. Here’s another picture of the swatch after I got home.


This was after about 2 hours under the sun, with me swiping my hand in racks of clothing, washing my hands with soap and water multiple times, and rubbing it HARD multiple times. Not even a little smudge was present. It even took me a while to remove it with my make up remover (mind you I didn’t use the eye and lip kind). What is even more amazing is that it glides on like the UD liners, no tugs and pulls!

Now I kind of regret getting so many UD pencils when I came. Though again, I am not too big on the glitter, I have sensitive eyes so sometimes it’s painful for me to wear.

On a side note, I took these pictures with my phone! The quality is pretty good huh?


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Love for Skinfood

July 09, 2011

Hi Peeps! I know I have not been posting for a LOOONNNGGG while, and I apologize. But! There is a reason (not a very good one). I’ve been obsessing over this Korean drama – Secret Garden, and now the guy Hyun Bin. I can’t believe I am finally obsessed about a Korean pretty boy older than me! OMG!

Anyways…don’t worry, this post is not ganna be another Korean boy obsession thing with image bombs. I just wanted to inform you guys I finally got my ebay packages!! I have been waiting for a really long time, since Canada Post decided to go on strike. I got my first one the day after the strike ended, but because it was all skin care I couldn’t do any reviews without trying them out first. But a few days ago, I finally got my make up package, including the two mascaras that I was desperately wanting to try. As soon as I take some wear picture I will be doing another major mascara review post.

So what about this post. Well…I am ganna do a review of two of the items I received. They are easy reviews, and probably ganna be short. Both are Skin Food products. The first one is ganna be the Skin Food Eggplant Eye Liner Pen.

Again, Skin Food just does not skim on packaging. This was $10.99 US + shipping ($3 is listed, but I paid $1.50 with multiple purchase discount). I was pretty impressed with the packaging and the product itself was great as well.

The tip is not felt pen, it’s a brush pen, I know it’s hard to tell in the picture, but it’s so damn thin!! The colour comes out smoothly without any issues. The liquid doesn’t wooz out, so there’s not blobbing of the line, it makes very very thin lines, which isn’t always good, because I need a thicker line for it to show up. The colour is listed as Eggplant Black and has a bit of a blue tint to it, so it’s not a harsh look.

Obviously the higher lines are the liner, the bottom is the brow pencil that I am going to talk about next. First things first, the liner. What impressed me was the staying power. After it drys, which happens very quickly, there’s no smudging. that being said…it is also REALLY hard to remove.

so I drew 4 lines on my hand, then tried to remove them 3 different ways. One with Skin Food’s Carrot Oil Cleanser (another item from the ebay packages), my trusty DHC Oil Cleanser, and soap and water. As the picture shows, none worked. The carrot cleanser seem to perform the lest (but performs fine with other water proof products). So after I saw this, I wasn’t sure about putting the liner on my eye, but I did anyways, hoping because my lids have smoother skin than my hand, it will remove more easily than on my hand. This did not happen. I used the DHC oil cleanser, and it did not fully remove the liner the first time, but after I washed my face and showered it came off completely. I am just glad I can keep using this. I was wanting to find a liquid liner that wouldn’t smudge. The two Japanese ones I had gotten works well and all, but neither of them are smudge proof.

ok so on to the brow pencil. This is the Blackbean Eye Brow Pencil, again from Skin Food. This was really cheap! $3.99 US plus shipping (again listed as $3, but I only paid half). As always, very impressed with the packaging, especially it being so cheap. Regular wood pencils are more expensive than this at our drugstores!

It’s an automatic pencil type, so there’s no need to sharpen. The reason I ordered this was because of the colour description – grey brown. I have been searching for a brow colour that’s brown, but with a slight greyish tone, so I was hoping this would work for me. And it did not disappoint. If you go back up to the swatch picture, the swatch is a bit more red than what it is, I think the flash changes the colour somehow. The pencil itself is not too hard nor too soft, which is another plus!

One end is the pencil…obviously…

The other end is a mascara wand thing for brushing it out. I used this twice and I love it already. The colour is perfect, and I like how it doesn’t look like it’s melting off my face at the end of the day. It still looks powdery even with all the oil my forehead has secreted through out the day. I may have to hoard this. Last time I found a brow pencil I liked was back in grade 11 (when I was 16…so about 12 years ago haha, and that was by fluke(a friend gave it to me because she doesn’t use brow pencils, when I was done with it they had discontinued it). I also love the fact that it does not need to be sharpened.

And that’s all the reviews for today. I just have to say I love Skinfood products! It has not disappointed me yet! Until next time, live well and shop LOTS! ❤


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