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[Face] – Rohto Koi-Gokujyun

Hi guys…*awkward* I know I’ve been absent for quite a while. Stuff had happened in my personal life that I do not wish to get into, because that’s not what this blog is about. The short of it is that I got a new job, and have been exhausted after work due to longer commute time. But guess what? I am actually writing this blog on my commute LoL. So I will pre-apologize for any typos/errors I will likely make in the post (and probably future posts) because I am typing this on my phone.

Now that’s taken care of…so its been so long that I have actually finished using this product, and moved on to 2 different ones since lol. This was not the first time I had used this gel cream from Hada Labo. To be honest I didn’t like it the first time, and I did not change my mind after this time either. The gel cream moisturizes well and give you that glow people are always looking for. What I did not enjoy about the cream was the stickiness of it after application. It feels sorta thick, almost like a layer sitting on top of your skin. It does however slowly penetrates the skin layers slowly, so the stickiness does go away, but it takes a while.

It does also contain dimethicone, which is something I now try to avoid, so I did not repurchase this product after I had finished it.

list of ingredients:

texture of the cream is gel like and has a milky translucent colour.

after application, you can see the difference in glow with and without the gel cream.

consistency: thick gel like cream, quite a lot of slip to it so it does spread easily.

scent: it is pretty much odorless. I believe all of Hada Labo’s products are fragrance free, one of the many reasons I like them.

claims: so the packaging claims to be hyper moisturizing, keeping dryness away and give you moist and glowy skin. I would say that’s pretty accurate, I just did not enjoy the feeling of it on my face.

The product is made in Japan.

price…I don’t remember I think it was in the $20CND range, not too expensive.

So I am going to try to do this more often on my commute, so hopefully, see you soon!

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[JUJU Cosmetics] – Aquamoist Cream

image A couple of sasa orders back, I had gotten this because my Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream was disappearing quickly. I just wanted a simple face cream that’s not sticky and has moisturising properties. A while back a friend had told me about JUJU Cosmetics, obviously Japanese, the main idea of this brand is less is more. Most of their products (if not all) are non-scented, and are basically the bare bones of skin scare. In this case, the Aquamoist Cream is packed full of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced by the body. The cream claims to be hydrating for 24hrs a day. I don’t know how much of that claim is true, and honestly, with my Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Serum I really can’t tell if this cream does anything. Perhaps I will try a couple of days without the serum and see how my skin reacts to this thing.

That being said, I do still like this cream quite a lot. First and foremost, I like the fact that it isn’t scented. I’ve been looking for a minimalist face cream for a while. Sorry to say, but most (if not all) of the Korean brand cosmetics are heavily scented, even the ones that supposedly focuses on “natural” things.

Secondly, the cream does indeed moisturise, it is the length of this moisturising effect that I cannot comment on.

Last, and most importantly, it is not sticky at all. The texture is a bit of a gel and it spreads quite nicely over the skin. No need for harsh rubbing. When applied it feels more watery than creamy with no sticky feeling after, and that’s something very important for me in any cream.


If I recall correctly, this little jar was in the ballpark of $20 or so. Money well spent I think. I give it a 4.5/5. Definitely willing to repurchase, but probably won’t end up buying it again just because I like trying new things. That being said, I will probably try something within the JUJU cosmetics brand next time as well.

If I do end up testing this without the serum I’ll let ya’ll know.

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[Innisfree] – The Green Tea Seed Cream

image Look at me! All productive and everything!

Alright, so this was a cream I got back in Korea. I had used a sample and liked it, and decided it was going to be the face cream I bring back to Canada. And it actually was the only cream I brought back…which wasn’t very smart, because I had to start using it right when I returned…should have hoarded more…All well.

As I have mentioned before I have a fairly good impression of Innisfree (I never know if it’s two words or one) as a whole. The eco-friendliness, the whole local ingredients thing (they get their ingredients from Jeju Island) just sounds good to me. I am disappointed that Innisfree is not widely available outside of Korea.


The texture of this cream is basically a light cream, not very heavy at all. It’s actually kind of similar to the Age Fitness line of Biotherm. It’s fairly rich, so I use very little on my skin. But the quantity is not that much either, It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve been back to Canada, and I’ve already used up half of the jar.



I actually forgot how much I paid for this cream (it’s been a while) I think something around the lines of 21,000 won (about $21CND/USD), I may be wrong. The actual jar is plastic and a bit misleading. If you look at the first picture, the sides stick out after the bottom edge of the cap, but if you open the jar, the actual  part where the product is held does not follow the contour of the jar, it actually goes straight down, so the bulged out parts of the jar is just empty space.


Here’s the claim on the jar: ” Enriched with Green Tea Seed and Green complex from pure Jeju island. Green Tea Pure revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture.” Excuse the bad English, that’s a quote from the jar. I take it that it’s basically good for dry skin and moisturises. Well good, cause that’s what I look for in a cream. Does it actually do that? Well…I am a bit disappointed by the performance of this cream so far. In Korea, perhaps due to the humidity of the country, it felt better on my skin. After using this cream for about a month, my skin was pretty dried out in Canada. I ended up having to use a serum to go under the cream (I got a sample of Estee Lauder’s Advance Night Repair from Sephora, absolutely LOVE it) so that I could continue using the cream. I suppose I shouldn’t expect too much from a cream that’s suppose to be made for the more humid environment of Asia. I am giving it a 7/10, because it does still moisturise, though not as much as I want it to. The other thing that’s really lovely about this product is the scent. It’s a very light green tea scent and I just really like it. It also does not feel very heavy like other creams might (the carrot cream from Skinfood for example is super heavy). With all the cons I have listed, it’s probably still one of the best creams I’ve bought from Korea. I suspect this cream will be gone in a few more months, and I haven’t decided what I will replace it with.

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[Food for Your Skin]- SkinFood Black Raspberry Face Cream (Sui)

Nov 06, 2011

Yes, it’s another SkinFood product, I am obsessed I know…

This was from a recent SkinFood haul I did on ebay. The Black Raspberry Face Cream, the water(sui) formula (I can’t recall what the other formula was called…). This is another gel cream from SkinFood. The reason I don’t buy regular cream from SkinFood was a while back I tried a sample of the carrot face cream from SkinFood, and it was probably the worst cream I have ever tried. It was wayyy to thick, felt sticky on my face, and whenever I breath, I can literally feel the condensation from my breath (I am not exaggerating…). Yes it was a horrible experience, and I decided I do not want to endure that ever again, so I’ve been sticking with gel creams from SkinFood since. That being said, the 3 gel creams that I have used from SkinFood (Lettuce and Cucumber Jelly Cream and Facial Water Vitamin B Cream, Facial Water Vitamin C Cream) have not performed as well as I would have liked. They were all very refreshing, without the sticky feeling of some face creams, but with minimal moisturising effects. The lack of performance is especially obvious during the cold, dry winter months in Vancouver. But the Black Raspberry cream is a bit different. I have had about a month’s use out of the raspberry cream. I have now switched my vitamin C cream to the morning (ran out of my peach sake lotion), and am using the raspberry cream for night time. The biggest difference I can feel is how “bouncy” (for a lack of a better word to describe it) my skin feels after I apply this cream. It feels kind of like after I have used a sheet mask, which is pretty amazing for just a cream. The improved performance did not take away the normal light/refreshing feeling of the gel cream, which is a huge plus in my books.

Another plus? The ADORABLE packaging of course! I love the little paper cap (useless, yes I know), and the whole antique-y look of it.

Here’s a picture of the product itself. The consistency seems to be a bit thicker than the other gel creams I have used.

I got this off of ebay for $15(? I think), it’s 50ml (which is cheap in comparison to Biotherm’s 50ml for $62). The only con I can see so far is the smell. I half expected it to smell like raspberry, rather it’s more of a earthy, dirt/grass like scent. At first the smell did bother me, but after a few uses I got use to it, now it doesn’t irritate me at all, I rather like the smell. I think maybe it bothered me at first just because I was expecting more of a fruity smell (with the name of a fruit in the name and all). The other reason that I continued to use it regardless of the smell was that the scent did not linger for too long. Once it was spread out on my face it was pretty much gone.

What I should mention along with this post is the eye cream of the same line. I got a sample of it from the seller and have been using it lately. It’s not a bad eye cream, it does feel very moisturising. But as I have just started using it for the last couple of days, my review is very much initial, and probably will not be completed until I decide I want the full size version of it. I am still looking for a good eye cream. I have dry skin around my eyes, with lots of fine lines and sensitive skin, if anyone’s got some recommendations (not expensive recommendations) I would like to hear them. I have tried samples of Dior hydrating something eye cream and loved it, but refuse to fork over $50 for a 15ml jar. Please do let me know if you have any recommendations or suggestions on what I should try.

Lots of love!!

OH! I am one week away from another trip to Portland, OR I am soooo excited for all the shopping I will be doing! (I don’t think my wallet feels the same though). Hopefully I don’t injure my wallet too badly.


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