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Korean Boy Obsession

June 08, 2011

So in case you have not noticed, this is a totally random blog about my current Korean boy obsession and has nothing to do with make-up or nail stuff. So if you are not into K-drama or K-pop of sorts, I suggest you turn away now. It’s also going to be a uber long post with lots of pictures XD

So my obsession with this particular boy (I call them boys cuz they are uber young…which makes me sad), began with a K-drama I decided to watch because I got bored – “He’s Beautiful” (or “You’re Beautiful”). It’s a very lame name yes I know, it’s even lame in Chinese. I find that a lot of K-dramas have really lame English and/or Chinese names. Eg. “Naughty Kiss”, the Taiwan version was translated as “It Started With a Kiss”, and the second one is “They Kissed Again.” While the Chinese title of the show was the same (because the story line comes from the same Japanese comic). Anyways, enough about K-drama names.

I am not ganna go into too much about the K-drama as the story line is pretty stereotypical. In this case, girl needs to help someone out and was pretending to be a guy. Got found out by the main and 2nd main guy, they try to protect her. All the guys like the girl for some odd reason. There’s a pretty girl in there that’s jealous of the main girl…etc etc. Girl falls for main guy, they found out something that was kept a secret that made them not able to be together. They get over the issue, and live happily ever after. The End.

So I don’t know what it is about K-dramas, I seem to always like the 2nd main guy better than the first, that was the case for “Goong” and “Boys Over Flowers.” This one was no different. I think because in cases like these, they seem to always make the main guy the some what “bad” person that kind of bullies the girl, but really secretly likes her. Whereas the second main guy is always the one that’s quietly supporting the girl and helping her out when she needs it. Anyways…why am I talking so much about the drama. The important thing is, the second guy is a lot hotter!! HAHAHA I am sorry to say, but the main guy for this particular K-drama is very girly looking. Seriously, look at him.I am not saying he’s not good looking, just a bit too girly for my taste. Anyways, here’s the boy that I’ve been obsessing over for the past couple of months.

Jung Yong Hwa. He’s just adorable. So after I finished the K-drama, as with any Korean boy obsession, I searched him up everywhere I could. Unfortunately, he is some what of a newbie in the Korean entertainment world (debuted 2010 in Korea, and mid year of 2009 in Japan). In any case I found that he was actually coupled up with Seo Young from SNSD in, my all time favourite Korean variety show, “We Got Married” (well…not really favourite, I only watch certain couples). Those that don’t know, WGM is basically a show where they couple up two Korean celebs have them fake marry. Each episode the couple will have missions they need to complete, and the show will film their interactions. So I found uploads of those and followed them through their one year “relationship.” I was pretty upset when they had to break up (due to schedule demands), because they are the most adorable couple ever!! Here are some image bombs of them. This is from one of my favourite episodes, where they went snowboarding, he’s helping her putting on her boots (awwww). And he taught her how to snowboard, even though he really wanted to go ahead and snowboard, he stayed with her and taught her the whole day (awwwwwwww x 2)…yeah I told you I am obsessed! LOL.

So obviously WGM ended and I had to find other ways of obsessing over him. I knew from my “research” that he was part of a band call CNBlue. Now, I am actually not a big fan of K-pop, there are music that I like from K-pop in general, but I have never really became a fan of any of the K-pop groups (boy or girl). Out of curiosity though I searched up CNBlue, and to my surprise they were actually pretty damn good. Here’s the MV for their most recent song, written (music and lyrics) by Jung Yong Hwa (talent and looks, can’t get any better than that)

And here are some live performances by them

This song was apparently written for Seo Young (revealed in WGM). I simply adore how cute this song is. BTW it was also written by Jung Yong Hwa.

And here’s a clip of them singing “Geek In The Pink” By Jason Marz

I love how they sing this song. I know the English pronunciation is not the best, but hey, for someone that lived in a non-English speaking country for basically their entire lives it’s pretty damn good.

here’s their version of Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”

original version:

This is the song they debuted with. Apparently there was a controversy about whether this was plagiarized from another Korean band (but members didn’t write this song, it was a separate song writer, who had other issues before). The first few mins is the rock version of the song “I’m a Loner” the later half is the original version

Another song that I like quite a lot – “Love” I believe Jung Yong Hwa also wrote this one, although I think it’s either just the lyrics or just the music

I absolutely love his hand gestures. It’s funny he said that people were complaining he was being too plain just standing there and playing the guitar, so now he’s gotta sing, do his hand gestures, AND play the guitar LOL. And if you are wondering, yes it was a live performance, Jung Yong Hwa can beatbox.

This is a soft version of “I’m a Loner” and “Love” I personally like the original versions better, as I like quick beat songs. And the softer versions of these seems to be forced to slow down, which I don’t enjoy as much.

This is a song Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Young wrote together (just the lyrics, Jung Yong Hwa wrote the music) as part of a mission for WGM, they were also the one that uploaded this particular clip (part of the mission)

and later Jung Yong Hwa wrote his own version with new lyrics

And some more image bombs of him and the members of CNBlue (which I am not obsessed over LOL, but I do like their music)

So I am not particularly fond of the drummer or the base player, but the other guitar player, Lee Jong Hyun, is also pretty talented. He wrote a few of the songs for CNBlue’s first album. One particular one I like is- Lie. I believe he wrote both the Japanese version (which was debuted when they debuted in Japan back in 2009) and the Korean version (which came out with their full album)

I can’t find the Japanese version, but it’s just as good. BTW they were singing and playing live in this youtube clip. Lee Jong Hyun also has a really nice voice, but I personally like Jung Yong Hwa’s voice better, Lee’s voice is a bit oldish sounding.

And to end this post..I will end with an image bomb of Jung Yong Hwa XD

I know I am obsessed…I’ve been searching up variety shows he’s been on eg. Running Man (which is my current favourite Korean variety show). I am just glad I can read Chinese, because that makes it easier to find these clips LOL. He will be coming out soon with a new K-drama by end of June (28 or 29 can’t remember) with the main girl from “He’s Beautiful.” So I can’t wait for that! Mean while another Korean boy obsession of mine just came out with a new single (Kim Hyun Joong ), so that’s been keeping me busy LOL LOL.

Sorry about my obsessive post, I just felt that I need to let this talented individual be known to the English speaking world LOL.


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