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Kate Foundation Review Update

April 14, 2011

Hi all!! Just wanted to do a quick update about the Kate foundation. So I have concluded that it is wayyy to dry for my dry to normal combo skin. But I didn’t want to throw it away after only a couple uses, so I decided to mix it with other things. I tried a gel face cream from Skinfood, a sticky toner from Naruko, and a liquidy lotion from Naruko. The cream worked but not the other 2. I suspect the other 2 were too watery and it made the foundation useless, as it no longer covers anything. I, however, have stopped using the foundation, because I am running low on the face cream. I have already ordered some more face cream, so i will resume using once I get my order.

That’s it for today. Until next time live well and shop LOTS!!

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Foundation Search Continues

April 6, 2011

HI PEEPS! Some news first. I start my practicum for school tomorrow, and am looking at a pretty hectic month or so, so not sure how much time I will have to blog. The good news is, I am pretty much done with school, no more assignments, just one more day of exams and then I am DONE DONE DONE! *cheering*

Ok, so on to the topic at hand. So as I have mentioned I am on a foundation search recently, and ordered a foundation by Kate a few weeks ago from ebay (seller: Alphabeautyuk). I actually was not expecting the package till late April, but somehow this time I got the package rather quickly. I just tried it today, so my review will be some what initial, and probably not a full review. I wanted to get the review up before my hectic month starts so I don’t get lazy and procrastinate.

So here is is, the bottle compared to my Make-up Forever bottle. and no my MUF is not that full, I shook it up to cover the bottle.

The bottle is rather small, and you can definitely tell it’s drugstore. The bottle itself was plastic, I originally thought it would be glass, but I guess you get what you pay for. The bottle is nothing fancy, so I wont go into too much detail. It does, however, have a pump, which I like.

Here are comparison swatches:

So to my surprise MUF was the pinkest of them all. Kate is a bit on the white side. Too Faced’s Perfect Nude is actually a Perfect match for me. I thought MUF was pretty good, but it does give me a bit of a white cast overall.

Here they are again, blended out:

Under natural light MUF was actually very pink. I believe I have mentioned previously that my face is darker than my arm, so Kate seems to match my arm quite well, where as Too Faced matches my face.

So the formula.

Kate: The formula is a bit drying. When blended out it looks a bit powder-ish. It’s a bit hard to blend evenly, but the foundation is thin. It just seems to not want to spread out that much. The colour is slightly whiter than my actual skin colour, but it’s not so obvious that I would care. The foundation drys very quick and I didn’t feel a need to put on powder to set it (though I did regardless). After maybe 3 hours or so, the foundation did settle around my nose, but I have not had a foundation that did not do this. One good thing I like was that it doesn’t stick to the screen of my phone (I hope people know what I am talking about). The coverage is medium, it evened out my skin tone, but it did not cover some of my dark spots and pimples. I only used one pump and didn’t try to build up the coverage because it had already looked a bit made up (although it doesn’t feel heavy). I will continue experimenting with this, and will update on the reviews after a few more tries.

Too Faced: This is by far the best foundation I have used so far. The formula itself is thin and easy to blend, but the coverage is pretty great for such a thin foundation. I did not need any extra concealing after this. Even my trouble dark spots are pretty well covered. The foundation lasts pretty damn long. It does still settle around some areas of my face (nose, and where my glasses sits), but overall it’s great. The colour is a perfect exact match for me. The only con I have for this foundation is the price. At $48 CND, and over $50 after tax, it’s not what I would call affordable. It is a lot more affordable in US though ($36 USD). I am planning a trip down to Portland for May, so I may get it then (yeh for no tax!).

Well that’s it for now. Until next time live well and shop LOTS!

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