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Maybelline does not Fit Me

March 30, 2011

Whaooooo blurry.

Ok! First of all, I apologize for the non-blogging in the past month. I am still catching up on stuff, but I want to do at lest one blog before my practicum for school starts (it’ll probably be another 3 weeks of non-blogging, apologies in advance!). Then I would like to apologize for the blurry-ness of this picture to the left, I don’t know what happened.

Anyways, on go with the blog. So when I first saw the Fit Me line by Maybelline I was really excited. I am slowly running out of my Make Up Forever Face and Body foundation that is so far the only foundation I can stand having on my face, and I did not want to fork over $42 to get it after I run out. So I’ve been searching for a cheaper alternative. I am not a big fan of any of the drugstore brand foundations, I feel that most of them are heavy and thick, which I do not want. I like my foundation light and thin. Actually, I do not like anything (including face cream) that are thick or heavy. Anyways, so I looked up about Fit Me on MUA. The reviews seemed to be fairly good, most people said that it blends easy, medium coverage and pretty light. A few weeks mauling over whether to buy it or not, my friend said she had a coupon for $2 off at a place that was selling it for about $7 dollars, with the total coming to $5, which is pretty damn cheap. So I got a bottle. I tested out the colours from a tester found in LouLou magazine. none of the colour really was a perfect match, #125 was the closest.

First the colour

most of the Fit Me colours in the 100s were pinkish, the yellow toned one was 210, but that was wayy dark. 125 was pretty much the only one with a slight yellow undertone, though still pink. The formula is kinda creamy, definitely nothing like MUF Face and Body. I’ll talk more about the formula later.

Here’s a colour comparison with my other foundations.

The MAC foundations were testers I got from MAC, I did not like it though. I tested myself to be NW20, and the counter girl tested me to be NC30, so she gave me both. NW 20 was wayyyy too white and pink. NC 30 was no better, it was orangey on my face, and I can literally see the colour difference. I personally don’t like getting samples from anywhere but Sephora, because that’s the only place that does not give you a “you are too poor to buy shit” look, so I never went back to try other colours. I did however, went to Sephora and got a sample of the new Too Faced foundation in Warm Nude, which was also too dark for me. I will have to head back and get one in Perfect Nude. It’s not shown here in the picture because I had already dumped it (oops =p). I am not a big fan of MAC’s foundation formula, it’s drying and it’s also thick. The Too Face foundation was not bad at all, except it’s more expensive than MUF, so that would defeat the purpose of finding a cheaper alternative (LOL).

Formula: So I tried it on one day, and I swear I will never use it again. For the entire day I felt as if there’s a layer of olive oil on top of my skin, I did not like it. It was already sliding off my face 3 or 4 hours into the wear. It creased on my eyelids and was settling around my nose, and where my glasses sits, I could not stand it. The colour fit was ok, but I cannot stand it on my face! I am giving it away to a friend that wants to try but for whatever reason cannot find her colour (#130) anywhere. I told her not to waste her money and just try mine, I am pretty sure she won’t like it.

So yes, I have been foundation hunting. I have just ordered a foundation by Kate (sub-brand of cosmetics giant Kanebo in Japan). It seems that Japanese brand make up are generally lighter, perhaps because the temperatures in Asia are much higher and humid, I am sure no one would like thick and heavy make up on their face under the hot sun. And I’d imagine the colour fit would be much much better. So I hope this works out.

Until next time (which will be a while from now), live well and shop LOTS!

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MAC Tartan Collection

November 06, 2010

I saw these MAC shadows online before they were released and was immediately attracted to them. Then on a random day a friend and I decided to go to The Bay and look at MAC stuff. My friend noticed that the MAC ladies were doing something in the back, while I was looking at the Villains collection (it was quite sad, as all of them were basically sold out). in any case my friend nudged me and whispered, “hey look…” I didn’t finish listening to what she said and gasped. Although my first look was not these beautiful shadows, but the blush set, because they were so damn adorable. But I soon forgot the blushes when my eye caught these shadows! The MAC lady joked and said to me “I saw you guys sneaking around there” and told us (really just me) that we can pre-order them. i stood in front of the shadow display (they were brand new, not touched) and I did not want to touch them! They were so pretty, I was almost not willing to swatch them. Nonetheless, I did, and then I failed and pre-ordered these two.

Aren’t they just the prettiest things?? I was also tempted to get the peachy Follow Your Fantasy, but in the end, I could not justify three of these shadows, and was unwilling to give up the plum Semi-Precious or the pink A Wish Come True. Although, now I kind of wish I had gotten the peach rather than the pink…All well! they are probably all sold out by now…

Semi-Precious is the first one I was attracted to,just cause I love plum and have not found any plums that don’t look dirty in swatches. This was a beautiful plum.

A Wish Come True (these are some really stupid names, I am sorry to say), is a light pink. The after thought is that I am not sure why I got this colour…I do have something similar..I think the colour combo of the light pink shadow and hot pink lines are too hard to resist.

Here are some swatch pictures. I did not want to ruin the pattern on the shadows so I used my finger and stayed within a tiny little square, and succeeded in not ruining the shadows! YEH! Anyways..swatches at different angles. These shadows are silky and pigmented, they kind of remind me a lot of Japanese eyeshadows (which I also heart) I have yet to use these shadows on my eyes (again didn’t want to ruin them) but if I do eventually do a look I’ll be sure to take some pictures and do a blog about it. So without further ado, here are the swatches 🙂

close up

At a different angle

close up

I can’t wait to use these to eyes!! At the same time, I really don’t want to ruin the pattern on them!! OH the irony!

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