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[Nail Mania] – Crackle Your Matte

This year in lieu of pumpkins and ghosts, I am going with a more chic feel for Halloween nails, though I would say this has nothing to do with Halloween (haha).

While I was in Taiwan, my cousin gave me a few bottles of nail polish, one of which was a matte black crackle. Personally, I never really liked crackle polish, they look unfinished and the OPI ones I tried out didn’t look that great. This one, however, had a pretty neat look to it. It crackled in the right places and looks pretty nice. So an idea popped in my head just last night. I ‘ve always liked the contrast between matte and shiny, especially for the colour black. I find the different characteristics intriguingly interesting. So I thought, what if I put a coat of cream black polish under that matte crackle, and made this.

imageI went with a rose gold base for my ring finger, because you all know how I don’t like boring. Ideally, I would have liked the shiny black to come through a bit better, but I think the crackle pulls some of the shine away. Maybe I can try a metallic black next time. Overall though I do like the look of this mani, and I do think it has a bit of a Halloween-esque feel to it, don’t you?

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[Nail Blog] – Domo Kun says “RAAAWWWRR”

Archive_Miscellaneous_Domo-kun_and_lizard_026020_For those who don’t know, this is Domo Kun, an adorable little mascot of the Japanese television station NHK, and I love him to bits. He’s known for going on a rampage and yelling “raawww” LOL I really haven’t seen much of his cartoons/stop motion videos, but you just can’t help but fall in love with the little guy! Look at him!!!

Anyways, he was my inspiration when I came up with this mani. I actually had a couple in mind, but went with this one. Next time I might try the other one.


Anyways, without further adieu, here’s the mani I did yesterday. I didn’t want all my nails covered up, so I went with French tip for a few of the nails. The white background with red sun, is sort of a symbol of Japan, it’s on their flag, minus the lines. The thumb on the left hand (shown below) is Domo Kun peeking out. It took me a few tries to get it looking better. I had originally wanted to put his hand in front of his face, but it just didn’t look right. And the ring finger, is obviously normal Domo.

imageHere’s my right hand. I am not one for sticking to one design and that’s it, so I wanted to do something different with my right. I only did the 2 Domos on my right, with a combo of the Japanese sun symbol on the index. The background was sponged on, and has a bit of a gradient. And instead of regular Domo, I have nerdy Domo on my ring finger.

imagePolish I am holding is from OPI, “You Don’t Know Jacques!” And is the brown I used for Domo. The rest of the polish were mainly Etude House ones that I got from Korea.

I quite like this mani.

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