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Ebay Haul

August 13, 2011

Hello All! Sorry for the delay in post (seems this is always my opening line LOL). Yes, I’ve been procrastinating again…Anyways, I received this haul a few weeks ago. I went a bit crazy with ebay buying, fails so much. So without further ado…



Is this not the most adorable thing EVER?! This wasn’t mine. I wanted to order it, showed it to my friend. She then wanted to order it, and determined that I should not order it because I do not need it. They are all hand cream and smell differently each (floral, baby powder, green tea, and peach). The hand cream is not bad at all, my friend shares them LOL.


So this was my replacement for the vitamin a water cream that I finished. This is the vitamin c version. So far I love it.
The texture is pretty much similar to the vitamin a water cream. I can’t really tell the difference between the vitamin a and c one. The c one is suppose to have more whitening properties (which I don’t really see), but it moisturizes, and that’s really all I expect.


so this is one of the Korean mascara that I ordered (not the first one, but probably the last one). I ordered this after being disappointed by 2 Etude House ones I ordered (non-curling of lashes). To be safe I ordered one that has curling lashes as a property, yeah it failed.


I mean the product itself was not bad. There was no smudging and no clumping of lashes, the fail part was that my lashes did not stay curled, which is pretty important for me. I’ve been using it as a top coat over other mascaras that is able to keep my lashes curled. I was highly disappointed. This is probably the first Skin Food product that I was disappointed with.


Another brow pencil. The colour of course is grey brown. I think i still like the Skin Food version better, just simply because of the shape of the pencil. It’s so big it’s hard to get the colour to where I want it to be.


Here’s the colour of it. It is not bad at all. It is a dollar cheaper than the Skin Food one though, and the weight is higher (meaning more product), so I don’t know if I will hoard this instead.


One thing I love about this seller, the samples!! SOOOO MANY!!! AND! there’s a golden kiwi one! I wanted to try that sooo badly! YEEEHH!!

ok That’s it for my haul! 🙂

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Mascara Mania Part 3

December 19, 2010

Mascara Mania Part 1

Mascara Mania Part 2

So before I start part 3 of this Mascara Mania post, I need to add something to Part 1 (the unfavourites). The reason why it wasn’t put into the first one? I got it after I started the whole mascara posts. Actually I got 3 new mascaras haha anyways. here’s one more add on

Maybelline Turbo

Alright, my thoughts on it. Simply put? It sucks. It smudged, and did not keep my curls up. The brush is obviously not something special just look at it! Anyways the mascara pretty much just made my lashes darker, that’s about it. It’s slightly better than the Colosal. I have nothing much to say about this mascara, so here are some wear pictures.

ok..I know the curls looks fine in this picture, but after 8 hours, it drops. And if you are ganna tell me that all of them do…well you are wrong! All of my favourite mascaras can hold up my curls for 10+ hours.


Now on to the next group of mascaras. These are my old favourites before I found my current favourites (LOL) I just love trying mascaras…Although with my dry eye condition I am not suppose to, but screw that! I can’t live without mascara!!! Anyways, these mascaras will be in the order of when I fell in love with them.

1. Cover Girl Exact Eyelights

So I first saw these on a commercial with Rihanna in it and wanted to try them out. I got them in a couple of colours (black ruby and black pearl). The colour was really disappointing, because it didn’t show up at all, there were no shimmer nor sparkle that was suppose to help make your eyes stand out. None of that happened LOL. However, it was still one of my favourite, simply for the clean look it had. There was no clumping and the lashes were elongated, not much volume, but enough to be noticeable. The one I have is my 3rd tube. The reason that this one is no longer my go to mascara is cuz one time I found my lashes fell down after some hours of work. I don’t know why I never noticed…Additionally, the mascara also smudges slightly. Anyways, wear pictures once again.

2. Cover Girl Lash Blast

This mascara gives a lot of volume and some length. The only issue I have with this is the brush. It’s HUGE! I always end up getting mascara on my eye lids, and it does not help that the formula for this was fairly wet. The formula of this one smudges more so than the eyelights, but still small enough for me to keep using it.

3. Cover Girl Lash Exact

I don’t know why it’s all Cover Girl’s mascaras that I fall in love with, but they are pretty decent for the price. Out of all the drug store brands I have tried (Cover Girl, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Rimmel, Revlon), Cover Girl is one of the cheapest (all under $10) and also one of the only brands that work for me in holding curls, defining the lashes, with minimal smudging, and easily removable. I got the lash exact after I started to watch/read From Head To Toe, and loved it instantly. It had enough length, and gave noticeable volume. The only issues I had with it was the slight smudging on my left eye, which is an issue with a lot of mascara, but this one is slight enough for me to not care. The other issue did not come about till later on, when I noticed that the curls of my lashes fell after a certain amount of time which made me stop using these. I have 2 tubes of this, one in black and the other one mistakenly purchased as brown, which I do not like as much because it does not give enough definition to the lashes. In the wear pics, I believe I was wearing the black ones.

4. Maybelline Stiletto

I believe this is the volume one, not the original one. At first I didn’t realized that there was an original and a volume one, so I just grabbed the first water proof one I saw. It turned out great, the brush is a bit weird, it’s wavy, and at first glance you probably will wonder how it would work on ur lashes (that are not wavy) but it works out pretty well. I loved the length it gave and it did indeed give some volume. The only thing was, once again, it smudges, as did many other Maybelline mascaras.

ok, that’s the list of my old love mascaras. Next one shall be my favourite mascaras. Until next time live well and shop LOTS!

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