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[The Face Shop] – Lovely Me: Ex Pore Ghassoul Mask

imageOOPS! Sorry I missed 2 weeks of posts. I just got lazy the first Sat, and then I was in San Diego for the 2nd, so….I have nothing to say for myself. I am sorry T_T I’ll make it up with fluffy panda pictures next week! I promise! (that probably doesn’t mean anything now T_T)

Anyways, on to the topic at hand. So I got this a while back from ebay for $13.59CND. I won’t recommend the seller though, because I had some issues with the shipping. It took them 3 days to ship after I paid, and I had to email to ask about it.

I had originally wanted to purchase only the Jeju volcanic clay mask, but just can’t resist the adorable packaging!! Can you?

I didn’t have high hopes for this thing. It’s a clay mask, and they never do much except maybe reduce oil. But this mask didn’t even do that. It smelled nice, and was easy to wash off, that’s about all the pros I can give you. It did absolutely nothing for my pores, though from the description it seems like it’s suppose to shrink or at least clean the pores. Nope didn’t do that either.  Definitely not worth repurchasing. But damn that packaging is just adorable!

For those interested, here’s the list of ingredients:


Here’s the texture of the clay mask. Nothing special really.


So a 2/5 for this baby, mainly for that cute packaging.

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[Review Update] – Daiso Charcoal Peel Mask

Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas y’all! Man Christmas is so boring…I’ve been stuck at home all day because there are no places to go for people that don’t celebrate Christmas such as myself, and so I decided to blog, on Christmas day.

This is really more of an update on a previous blog I had, and I am going to warn you guys, there is a bit of grossness in this blog as well. This is an updated review of the Daiso Charcoal Peel Mask that I have done previously. Since the first review I have gone through 3 tubes of this thing, I love it! It does get a bit drying after peeling and stings a bit if you don’t cool your skin down right away (with cold water or some sort of moisturising mask). But it is recently that I found out it works a lot better than I have though it does. Recall from my first post, it didn’t pull out a lot of black heads for me and was mostly fine hairs that comes off, I have recently realized that it is because I did not leave it on for long enough before I started peeling. Normally I would leave it on until it pretty much is all dry, but still had a bit of rubbery consistency, it is easier to peel off and is less painful. But about 2 or 3 weeks ago I was giving myself a manicure while waiting for this mask to dry, it dried out before I was done my manicure, so I left it on until I was done, which was another 10 to 15 mins of drying time. The mask felt brittle and a bit paper-like (not rubbery) when I peeled it off, a whole bunch of gunk came out with it, especially from my chin. I have always had issues with black heads on my chin area, I was amazed at how much of the black head it pulled out from my chin. The pictures below are not from the first time this happened, I tried it again a week later, and this was what came out. (grossness starts here). I did take the pictures with my phone, so I apologize for the blurriness, this is the best I could do.



I just got a new camera from Bestbuy with their online boxing day sale, so hopefully I can be back with nice pictures soon enough 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Y’all!!

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