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[DIY] – Do It Yourself BB Cushion


IMG_20170916_165239 I’ve seen a few articles/videos floating around on the internet about DIYing your own BB cushion. Normally, I don’t DIY much makeup/skin care things, mostly because (if you haven’t noticed yet) I like to try new products, and I mean I REALLY like to try new products. But staring at my hoard of BB creams that I likely won’t ever use up, I thought maybe this would be a good way to make use of my BB creams. So that I can finally finish them and have reasons to get new stuff to try!! *evil laugh*

I went mainly by this video from Meejmuse

I know there are some people on amazon/ebay that sells new cushion and containers that are made just for this, but I didn’t really want to spend any money on that. My Missha BB cushion just dried out, and so I decided to clean it up and reuse the material to make my own BB cushion. Here’s what I used:


  1. Skinfood Red Bean BB cream
  2. Sofina’s Primavista Ange – Long Keep Base UV
  3. Biore UV – Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF50 PA++++
  4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair 
  5. Naruko Calendula Soothing & Calming Toner

(anything with clickable link I’ve done reviews on, everything else is upcoming)]

I just started adding stuff to the container and mixing it. The Skinfood BB cream was already a match to my skin tone, so I wasn’t too concern about the colour. The texture of BB cushion is more watery than BB creams, so I knew I had to water it down, so I added in some serum and toner to get to the more watery consistency. Then added the primer (“long keep base”) for a brightening effect and also longevity. The sunscreen was a bit of an after thought. The BB cream already had SPF, it just wasn’t strong enough. I honestly didn’t put in much thought into this, instead of colour I was more concerned with the consistency, so I added products that would help it get to the consistency I wanted.

So I ended up with this:


I did a swatch compare of the BB cream (further from wrist) and the BB cushion I made (closer to wrist).


You can see the colour of the cream on it’s own is definitely darker, and there is more coverage. The BB cushion didn’t seem to have much coverage, and the colour is on the lighter side.

I used this BB cushion on a test run today, it doesn’t cover much, but I can layer without feeling heaviness. It does even out skin tone, so if you are just looking to even out skin tone, and don’t have too much skin issues, this would be good. It could be the serum, but it felt pretty amazing on my skin 😀 I am loving this!

Maybe this will be the only way I can finish up all my BB creams.

That is all peeps! Until next time 🙂

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[Un-masking] – Naruko Raw Job’s Tear Sheet Mask


 Hello recent haul from! As my night cream slowly running out, I started looking into a replacement cream. I ended up with a Juju cosmetics one, and of course for the free shipping I had to get some other stuff (that’s really just an excuse…). So came with it, Naruko Raw Job’s Tear Sheet Mask, and Black Gel Mask from Shill’s. I have a pile of sheet masks that I haven’t used up yet…oops! All well!!! XD

Anyways, I tried it out the very next day, and I was pleasantly surprised. I actually didn’t expect much from Naruko products after I tried their lotion and toner. But the sheet mask was surprisingly good. The box of ten was on sale for $12.70USD from $16.90USD. I originally saw this mask for $24.99CND at a local Asian supermarket, and it was on my mind for a few weeks and so I decided to order it with the cream.

The Brand:

Naruko is a Taiwanese brand established by the famous (at least in Taiwan) Niu Er (牛爾) cosmetologist. From what I known from this shows, he focuses mainly on natural things and being eco-friendly. His brand actually reminds me a lot of the InnisFree brand from Korea, which I also love. Though like I said, I tried some of his other stuff, and it wasn’t that great for me. However, I do want to point out, I would probably love it in Taiwan. Most of the things I tried from him were very light weight and cooling, probably not the best for the dry weathers of Canada.

Ingredient list for those who like to know what’s in there.

image The packaging is pretty simple and un-flashy, one of the things I love about this brand.

The mask sheet itself isn’t as fitting as my all time favourite My Beauty Diary, but it’s pretty good. It soaks up a lot of the essence and doesn’t dry out fast. I can leave this on for a good 40 mins and it’s still pretty wet. There’s not much scent for the actual product, and what’s there isn’t unpleasant. My face feels really dewy after I remove this mask. The other thing I really like about this mask is the essence doesn’t leave a sticky feeling after I massage into it. Some of the other masks I’ve used from Korea leaves a sticky feeling until the very next morning, after I wash my face. I hate it when my hair sticks to my face…arg!

The mask claims to be whitening, calming, moisturising, and helps repair damages done by UV rays. I don’t know about the whitening claim, but it does indeed calm and moisturises my skin. I am always pretty suspicious of whitening claims from skin care products, I never really feel like they work that well.

Finally, one thing I really like about this brand, is the whole eco-friendly concept of their packaging. This box was made from the packaging! All of their packaging turns into something else that you can reuse.


I am giving this mask a rating of 4/5, since I’ve only used it a couple of times, I will reserve some points for if it turns out to be a dud haha.

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