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[Nail Blog] – Domo Kun says “RAAAWWWRR”

Archive_Miscellaneous_Domo-kun_and_lizard_026020_For those who don’t know, this is Domo Kun, an adorable little mascot of the Japanese television station NHK, and I love him to bits. He’s known for going on a rampage and yelling “raawww” LOL I really haven’t seen much of his cartoons/stop motion videos, but you just can’t help but fall in love with the little guy! Look at him!!!

Anyways, he was my inspiration when I came up with this mani. I actually had a couple in mind, but went with this one. Next time I might try the other one.


Anyways, without further adieu, here’s the mani I did yesterday. I didn’t want all my nails covered up, so I went with French tip for a few of the nails. The white background with red sun, is sort of a symbol of Japan, it’s on their flag, minus the lines. The thumb on the left hand (shown below) is Domo Kun peeking out. It took me a few tries to get it looking better. I had originally wanted to put his hand in front of his face, but it just didn’t look right. And the ring finger, is obviously normal Domo.

imageHere’s my right hand. I am not one for sticking to one design and that’s it, so I wanted to do something different with my right. I only did the 2 Domos on my right, with a combo of the Japanese sun symbol on the index. The background was sponged on, and has a bit of a gradient. And instead of regular Domo, I have nerdy Domo on my ring finger.

imagePolish I am holding is from OPI, “You Don’t Know Jacques!” And is the brown I used for Domo. The rest of the polish were mainly Etude House ones that I got from Korea.

I quite like this mani.

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[Nail Blog] – Polish Overkill

Nov 18, 2011

Recently I went down to Portland (yes again) and did another haul, or bleeding out of my wallet. I am still contemplating on whether or not to share my haul, as most of them are not beauty related (just shoes). This is the only part of the haul that was beauty related, minus the UD liners I got, but those aren’t terribly exciting.

Last time I went my friend and I took the train down to Portland, so we had some limitations in terms of what to buy (had to think about hauling it back home) and where to go (had to be transit accessible), so we did not stop by Ulta. But this time we drove, so I just had to. I am going to apologize in advance (especially to the American readers) about the unnecessary amount of pictures of walls of nail polish. But I am from Canada and we don’t get this here, I get excited with these types of things!

So when we arrived at Ulta, it was about 20mins from closing, we didn’t have much time, my other friends thought Ulta was just going to be a dinky little drugstore type of store. When we walked in, it was more like a “HOLY SHIT THERE’S SO MUCH STUFF” store. So at first I didn’t see the nail polishes, and that was really my main reason to go there, I was kind of disappointed, but then I walked deeper and deeper into the store, and HOLY SHIT WALLS OF NAIL POLISH! And so come the unnecessary amount of nail polish wall pictures.








And so I went a bit insane. The Chinaglaze polishes were $7 per bottle, but there was a promotion of buy 2 get 1 free, so it was more like $4.60 per bottle, which is really cheap! The only place I have ever saw Chinaglaze polish was at a nail salon and they were selling it for $11 a bottle (hells no). So I got a few bottles. I think the purple sparkly one (Marry a Millionaire) was a newer collection and so it was $8 instead of $7, but still cheaper than $11.


From left to right: Harmony, Marry a Millionaire, Fairy Dust (thought it was a holo, but wasn’t as holo-rific as I watned)

I was so excited that I forgot to use the coupons that I had printed out ($3.50 off for $10 purchase). And because we were rushed that night we decided to go back before we make our way back to Vancouver, BC. Unfortunately, the coupons expired that night, but fortunately, Ulta had another coupon (20% off 1 item), and our hotel had free printing! So I printed out some coupons, and when we got back to Ulta, I just had to get more polish…


From left to right: Planks A Lot, You Don’t Know Jacques! (wanted this one for a while)

And here are some swatches of the new polishes! I only wanted to swatch the colours, as I am still growing out the yucky yellow on my nails, and I was going to file it down after the swatches. My nails chipped pretty badly in Portland due to the dryness of the air.


Top to bottom: Harmony (1 coat), Planks A Lot (2 coats), Marry a Millionair (3 coats)


From top to bottom: Fairy Dust (3 coats; kind of disappointed by the colour), You don’t know Jacques! (2 coats), Fairy dust (1 coat) on top of Planks A Lot (2 coats)

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[Nail Blog] September calls for fall colours


September 25, 2011

Colour: Nicole by OPI – show you care
Stamp colour: Chinaglaze – millenium
Konad plate: s9

Nothing much I can say about this mani. It is what it is, nothing too special.

I have been sick for almost 2 weeks now, so I have not have any patience for fancy manis. I really just needed something to cover the yellowiness of my nails, so I am not tempted to bite my fingers off.

That’s it! Until next time live well and shop LOTS!!

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Snoopy Inspired

February 12, 2011

I am sooooo bad. I have the pictures for my third dine out all loaded up and ready to go, but I don’t really want to do a food blog (LOL). I should do it before I forgot what I ate though…But for now, here’s another nail blog. The Mario/mushroom one chipped the very next day, cause I had to do some major dish washing at work (we had an event where we provided food to people, being a small office, we have to handle the cleaning ourselves. I am not a dish washer! I promise! LOL). Anyways, the chipping was bugging me so I had to take it off. Then my mom suggested that I do a Snoopy theme nail. I tried it on paper, it did not work. So my nails were bare for a few days. Then I did some googleing, and found some inspiration. Came home and did this.

The left hand:

I hope people can tell that the yellow and black is Charlie Brown’s shirt. This was not a planned mani, I only had the snoopy on roof top image in my head. I painted the base colours for the shirt and roof top nail, then thought what shall I do with the other nails. Then I thought, snoopy is black and white, I’ll just do something in black and white. I was originally going to do black base with white polka dots, then my friend suggested that I did a reverse of the yellow shirt, so I did. After two of those, I got bored, and decided to do a reverse snoopy on the thumb instead.

The right hand:

I wanted to do something different, but still in the same theme. I stuck with snoopy on roof top, but instead of his signature laying on top of the roof, I went with looking down on the roof. The reverse snoopy was suppose to have a open mouth smile something like this –> ^+++^ but it failed, so I had to fill it back up with black and did the simple 🙂 smile.

This took me…2 hours. I was surprised that the right thumb turned out ok. I am not a lefty and definitely have shaky hands, but Snoopy is recognizable! (right?)

Anyways, until next time, live well and shop LOTS!

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Disney Inspired

December 30, 2010

Yet another nail blog…I don’t know why I’ve been feeling the need to change my nails almost every week (in this case everyday). I wasn’t too happy with the Canucks nail thing I did, and thought about doing characters, and thought of Mickey Mouse, and who better to go with Mickey than Minnie herself! I don’t know why I thought of them, they aren’t my favourite cartoon characters. I think because they have more memorable points (being so old they kinda have to).  So in an effort to be different, I decided to share how I start the process of painting my nails.

This is what I normally would do before starting a complicated mani design. I learned to do this after having to take off and repaint base coats and wait for them to dry again and again if I ruin a nail, or didn’t like the design on it. And having to take off nail polish usually invovles ruining another nail(s), because I always accidentally touch the cotton pad to another nail(s). Before I start any crazy nail designs, I google images of the inspirations, and draw out what is in my head (with a pen). Then I do the actual design on paper. Of course this is a lot easier than drawing on my own hand.

Of course, even with all the planning, it doesn’t always turn out exactly the same. Mostly because it’s a lot harder to draw on nails than paper, but also because I like to make spontaneous changes. The top of Mickey’s head (on left ring finger) for example, I decided to put in the eyebrows and eyes last minute because my mom couldn’t make out what it was suppose to be. And the Minnie face on the middle finger of the right hand, originally I only planed to have the outline of the nose and eyes, but thought it looked odd, and added the white face. I was going to stop there, then thought it still looked weird, and added the black bits. I was pondering on whether I should put the bow up, but lazy-ness got me and I decided not to.

Right Hand:

The Minnie head on the thumb didn’t turn out that of the ear is kind of pointy instead of round…but I am not a lefty, so I don’t think I can do any better LOL.

Left Hand:

The left hand turned out better than I expected. I love love the Mickey head on the thumb! The only issue I have is probably the image on the middle finger, can people tell what that is? (Answer’s below)

This took me quite a long time, 2 and half hours. I think it’s one of the most complicated ones I have done so far. Hopefully, I will be able to start some other blogs that are non-nail related soon (haha). we’ll see how long this one can stay before I get bored of it. LOL

Until next time, live well and shop LOTS!.

Answer: It’s Pluto’s mouth, does it actually look like it?


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