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Food For Your Skin – Korean Skin Care Part 3

June 13, 2011
Hi peeps! So after the somewhat depressing Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals, I desperately need something to keep me busy so I don’t start ordering things online again (this happened after Game 3 and 4). So I decided to continue with my skin care review for Skin Food. I promise I will eventually get to my fav mascaras post soon, I was about to start it last week, but ended up ordering a couple of Korean ones, so I want to wait till I try those out before I go ahead and do reviews for my remaining mascaras.

Anyways, so this review is ganna be on the Peach Sake Emulsion. It claims to be pore care, by reducing “greasiness due to enlarge pores and excessive sebum.” On their website it also claims to shrink pores, which was really what caught my attention. I got this to use as my in between lotion (between when I wash my face after work, and when I take a shower at night), which I usually don’t care how well it works, as long as it keeps the tightness away. But I ended up liking it so much that I also use this during the day (I used to use the vit A cream in the morning). I have to admit though, when I first started using this lotion, I didn’t think it would be moisturizing enough. But as I used it more and more, I liked it more and more.

As with other Skin Food products, the packaging is glass and really well made. HOWEVER, this is not the best packaging for this particular product. The glass packaging makes it harder to get the product out. I have to shake it out of the bottle and sometimes I get more product than what I need. That being said, the product is pretty liquid-y so it does come out fairly easily.Though I would like it a lot better if it had a pump or was in a squeezable bottle.

So I got this for around $15 Canadian from ebay. As mentioned before the product is pretty liquid-y. The smell is more peach than sake (Japanese rice wine), although I do smell a slight alcohol-y scent, that could just be me though LOL. The scent is not too bad, but it’s not my favourite scent either.  The product is pretty easy to spread on skin, and absorbs pretty fast. What I love is how my skin feels after I apply this: not sticky, feels softer, and has a nice healthy glow to it. As for the whole pore shrinking, grease removing claim…I think to some extent it does keep the grease settled. I find that the oil is only obvious on my forehead, where as it use to be in my T-zone, including nose, side of nose, and chin area. As for pore shrinking, I maybe hallucinating, but it does seem like the pores around my nose look smaller. That being said, I don’t think you can actually shrink pores, LOL. So I don’t know.

Here’s a pic of the texture.

There’s just so many things I want to try from Skin Food. I ordered another bb cream concealer and a body sunscreen in the same Peach Sake line. Also another pore refining serum. Hope I get them soon!!

Alright, until next time, live well and shop LOTS!


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