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[Korea Bound] – Shopping Weekend in Seoul

When in Korea, you go to Seoul!

I made a weekend trip up to Seoul. Thanks to Debbie Kim, my highschool friend that I haven’t seen in a while, for helping us save on hotel costs. Plus she planned out the entire weekend, which is great for me. I love plans, but I hate making them, because they always end up wrong. Especially when you are with people that don’t go by the plan.

Since arriving in Korea, I have noticed that it seems Canadians are the only ones that follow plans. Some people are just not too fond of planning. They like to move with the flow. Which sometimes is nice, but sometimes it’s not so great. Especially when you only have one weekend in Seoul.

We arrived in Seoul around 9PM via KTX train. We had a hell of a time getting to our KTX station though. Gyeongju’s KTX station (Singyeongju yo) is not in the best location. It is about 20mins taxi from where I live. Buses are even worse, apparently it takes about an hour to get there by bus due to all the stops and longer route it takes. I was lucky enough to find people that were heading there on the same day around the same time, and we shared a taxi.

On a side note, ever since I came to Korea, I have not ran into a taxi driver that spoke English. My friend had told me when he was here, some of the best English speakers were taxi drivers, and so I was a little disappointed. The taxi driver that took us to the KTX station however, spoke really good English. We were able to have a conversation. And found out that he had a nephew in Toronto.

Anyways, we got to the station just in time. I was about 10mins from catching my train. My friend, Amanda, however was no where to be seen. I called and called and no answer. She finally made it to the station with one minute to spare. Turned out she thought the train was at 7:30 and not 6:58, and ended up taking a taxi (was going to take a bus), who decided to go through downtown during rush hour (how smart). But we both made it in time.

The KTX ride was ok. The train was comfy but loud. It took 20mins to get to Daegu (normally an hour bus ride), and we were both very surprised by this.

We got the Seoul in one piece and found Debbie. We had our first meal in Seoul, which was delicious BBQ beef (OMG was I craving steak).

We took an early day and went back to get some rest, as we had a very long day on Saturday.

Saturday morning, we got up fairly early and went to Seoul Square in Gwanghamun

It was known as the financial district in Seoul, what is special about it is that it’s got a “park” smack in the middle of the street, and also a traditional palace.

We took a short walk around the palace. It was HUGE! Then we headed over to Insadong, which was not far away

Insadong is all about artistic scenery and had this building that’s all about hand made things.

Ssamziegil is probably my favourite place in Seoul. I regret not buying some of the stuff in there.

And of course when shopping in Seoul you just have to go to Myeongdong

It was packed of people, and shops. The shops are so small that it’s hard to manoeuvre through them. I bought a few things and saw a few things that I wanted (but ended up waiting for Dongdaemun, but it didn’t happen). It was a whole other experience from Busan.

After Myeongdon, we met up with our adorable homeroom teacher from orientation and had some dimsum. I thought it was funny for me to travel all the way to Korea to eat at a Taiwanese restaurant, but it was a nice change from all the Korean food I’ve been eating.

We took a walk by the Gwanggyo river after dinner.

The river really reminded me of the Love river in Taiwan, as they were both once heavily polluted, until recently the government decided to clean it up.

Our original plan was to walk off dinner than take the subway to Dongdaemun, but the walk was so nice we ended up walking all the way to Dongdaemun LOL.

Shopping was both good and bad. There were definitely a lot of selection, but I didn’t particularly enjoy being yelled or gabbed at by the merchants. Most of the merchants on the lady wear floors were fine. But the men’s wear floor, boy are they aggressive. Because we were with Amanda, who is as white as a white person can be, they kept talking to us in English. A few asked if Debbie and I were Korean. We decided to ignore them. After about 10 mins on that floor, I wanted to get out of there.

I got my loot and we were out of there. It was a long long day. We started at 8 in the morning, and got home a little after 12.

Special thanks to Debbie who was a great tour guide and planned out such a nice day. Seoul needs to be revisited again for sure.

And here are my loot from Seoul


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[Out & About] – Portland Revisited

Nov 24, 2011

This is going to be a major picture heavy post. The last time I visited Portland I said I would post up a blog on my haul but I never did, and as time went by I just crossed it out of my list, because well…it’s just not something new and interesting anymore. BUT! it’s ok!! Because I hauled more stuff back this time around. Why you ask? Because we drove this time. The first day I was in Portland (actually the first half day) I spent nearly $300 USD, and I averaged that amount for each of the 3 nights and 4 days we were there. I didn’t buy much make up stuff, mainly because I felt I didn’t need anything, and I am currently in my “I care more about my skin than make up” phase, and I have been loving Asian skin care (cheap and it works), so I didn’t haul any skin care back either. Anyways…on to the picture sharing!

So I am going to start off with some random things I took picture of then go into my haul. Portland is a beautiful city and I would very much love to live there. I took less scenic pictures this time around, and I am too lazy to upload the pictures I took during my May trip, so somethings you’ll just have to take it as what I say it is. We stayed at the same hotel (Marriott Courtyard in Downtown Portland), we got a really good deal this time around. We were actually planning to go early Oct, but pushed it back to early Nov just because of the hotel rates ($79 per night! insane!! and Wifi is included). Portland’s weather is much like Vancouver (and if you don’t know what that means, it’s basically one word “rain”). I love their downtown area, it’s full of unique coffee shops and stores ranging from huge department (such as Nordstorm) to cute little vintage boutiques. Restaurants are all over the place, as well as, street food carts. Unfortunately we were not able to try out the street food carts neither of the times we were there, we did however fell in love with this little cafe call Lovejoy Bakery. They have the most wonderful breakfast sandwitches, we wanted to try their lunch/dinner menu, but did not make it back in time.

Another thing unique about Portland are the statues all around it’s downtown streets. They are very interesting ones…I took pictures in May, but didn’t see much this time around as we were mainly in the car, and didn’t stray too far away from our hotel while in downtown. I absolutely love the city, not only for it’s uniqueness, but how polite people were. People that say Canadians are the most friendly people in the world have either not been to Portland. We had the oddest experiences in Portland. For example, during our May trip we relied on public transit quite a lot, while we were on the bus, each individual person that got on the bus would say thank you to the bus driver, and the driver would reply you are welcome. Each person that gets off the bus will again say thank you, to which the driver will reply you are welcome, or have a nice day. You may think I am weird for pointing this out, but for those that live in the Greater Vancouver Regional District and take Translink buses on a daily basis will know, THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN VANCOUVER!! First of all, people that get on/off the bus won’t waste their energy saying thank you to the bus drivers, those who do (like me) either gets ignored or sometimes an eyerolling action. Second of all, some of the people that take buses are just rude as all hell. And lastly, some of the bus drivers are just straight up assholes. Which leads up to my next point about how wonderful Portland is (aside from the whole no tax thing), it’s transit system. It is by far the most efficient I have seen. The buses comes right on time, if it says 5:28, it’ll come at 5:28, not 5:29, not 5:25, 5:28 on the dot! During rush hour, the buses are just one after the other, people don’t push and shove to try to get onto the buses or run after them, because they know the next one is probably just around the corner. I don’t see people sticking their heads out seeing if the bus is coming, or looking at their watches with impatient facial expressions, they just all know the bus will come, and it will come on time. This is most likely due to the fact that every single street in Downtown Portland has a regular lane and a bus lane, no one can go on the bus lane except for buses, so they don’t get stuck in traffic. This is just amazing to see, seeing how much I rage over Translink’s lack of time management by buses. I have actually seen a bus that is late and just decides not to go. And how do I know this? Because I had just missed the bus before it, it was suppose to be another5 mins for the next one, but no bus showed up till 10mins later, which is when the bus after that one was suppose to be there. I know 10 mins waiting is not a big deal, but when you say you will have a bus come at certain times, you should have a bus come at certain times. Ok…this is a bit more typing than I had anticipated…sorry. I just have this major rage about Translink. Well…here are the picture booms.


This is one reason I love fall, but I have never seen pink leaves like these.


some really adorable houses, and a cyclist who probably thought I was weird for taking a picture there LOL


Dinner the first night, lobster ravioli from Macaroni and Grill


This was the substitution for Lovejoy Bakery’s dinner, sushi. Pretty good. I had sushi in their downtown a long long time ago (like I was still in highschool) when we passed by there during a family trip, it was horrible then, and I wanted to avoid sushi at all cost, but we were hungry and desperate, but it turned out not too bad.



I had to take pictures of these because I have never seen them sold that way, but apparently they are sold this way in Urban Fair, guess I don’t shop at high end grocery stores too often.


just a funny book title I saw at Powell Bookstore, had to take a picture of it. LOL.

and now (drum rolls please), my haul. This is not everything. I got some undies and bras, but I am not that open minded that I would want to share that on my blog LOL.


What’s a shopping trip without shoes! LOL These were from Nordstorm Rack (I LOVE THIS STORE!!). They were both around the $44 range. I returned the black pair, that was for my mom, but she didn’t like them. The grey pairs are really comfy, but when I wore them the second day I was there (because pants did not go with runners I wore there), it gave me blisters on my pinky toe, but then again, I did walk quite a bit.


This is from Sephora, they aren’t all mine. My friend got the sunscreen and UDPP. We shared a set of 5 of the UD liners (it was the holiday set call naked I believe), she only wanted two of the colours, and I wanted to stock up on eyeliners, so I took the other three she didn’t want, and also got a full size Rockstar (wasn’t in the set). I know the math is wrong, that’s because after I took the picture, I realized I was missing one, and I literally couldn’t find it and was freaking out.


But I ended up finding it in the garbage can of all places…This is call stray dog (I am not even joking about the name…) and it’s part of the set of 5.


This was most definitely not what I got, but this was the reason that I got pants! LOL. I wore these worn down jeans to Portland for the purpose of buying pants, but the first day we were there they ripped and resulted in a giant hole right at the crotch area….luckily I was shopping at Nordstorm rack when this happened, and hauled a bunch of jeans into the change room to try on.


I ended up with this pair. I called them my emergency jeans. These were also the pair that did not go with the runners I wore over, because they were tapered. These were $34.95 I believe


so naturally I had to get another pair of emergency jeans, because I was not about to walk around in shoes that gave me blisters. These were flare legged, and I got these at a vintage shop, they were $16, and they are Gap


My friend showed me these gloves back in Canada and I immediately wanted to get them. They have special threading on them that make them work on touch screen phones! From American Eagle Outfitters $15.50


These mocksons are from Payless. These size 5 ones were for my friend, I got the same pair, so I didn’t bother taking pictures LOL. I ran into payless because we were sorta in a rush. I grabbed her size and 2 pairs for 7.5 (one for me one for my mom), and grabbed another pair of runner, paid and rushed out. Why so many? BOGO of course. These ended up to be $20 each after the BOGO, compare to what they sell it for here in Canada ($35 + 12% tax) it’s a great deal.


This was purchased at Columbia store in the Woodburn outlet for $80! Yes you saw right $80! They are close to $200 here in Canada (the ones with omni heat), and they are freaking down filled!!!


And look how small it folds into!! That’s a regular sized pen for scale.


Woodburn Nike store, 2 for $25  I think, the Nike one was for my brother I had the just do it shirt


Also Nike store, these were on sale for $21


American Eagle Outfitter at Woodburn, $18


Forever 21 (not at Woodburn) $5.50


Betsey Johnson stockings, DSW $14.95. I regreted not getting more of these. The pattern was cute and the material was good.


Audrey Brooke booties, DSW $69.99. I don’t know this brand, but they were very comfy, and no they are not white nor beige, they are grey. The picture did not turn out that well…


And lastly Tretorn rainboots, DSW $59.99. These were last minute purchase, because I had seen them before, but they were slightly tight, so decided to see if I could find them at another DSW but it didn’t happen. The day we were heading Northbound we were going by this DSW and I decided to stop buy and get it because I really need a pair of rainboots.

And that’s all! Minus the more personal purchases, I also did not put up the nail polishes I got because they are in my previous post (Polish Overkill), and I also did not take pictures of the tweezerman tweezers I got from Sephora, but they are tweezers…not exactly interesting. I would put up a picture had I got the harajuku ones that I was originally planning on getting, but they didn’t have it (boo). I also got a few items for my brother and mom that I didn’t bother posting up (not very interesting anyways. All and all I spent quite a bit…I felt guilty about it…and I am going to Vegas in Dec *cries*

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I am in Portland!!


Shopping heaven. Nothing else to add. I’ll be back to blogging when I get back home 🙂

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