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[BB Cream] – MOAR BB Creams!

2013-08-10 19.22.14

2013-08-10 19.26.06Alright I will admit I have an obsession with BB creams…I currently own more than I can use, and am still curious about other new BB creams…I are cray. (click here for previous post of a collective BB Cream review)

Today, we will be looking at 4 different BB creams from 3 different brands, from left to right in the picture:
1) Holika Holika Petit BB Cream
2) ZA Total Hydration BB Cream UV White
3) Skinfood Aleo Sun BB Cream
4) Holika Holkia Snail BB Cream

Let’s start with Holika Holkia Petit BB Cream. My friend actually gave me this one. She said that it gave her whiteheads. I’ve only used it once, so I will reserve final judgement until I’ve tried it more. Though, I will say that I’ve had a very bad first impression with this one.

Colour: Grey-ish. The colour is the main reason I didn’t like this BB. I absolutely hate grey undertone BB creams, that was the reason I threw out my Skin 79 one. The grey undertone accentuates my dark circles and acne scars etc. Basically all the bad stuff on my face. It also leaves me pale and ghost like, which isn’t exactly what I am looking for.

Texture: A bit on the creamy side. Feels thick while it sits on my face, and tends to settle into lines. I think I may, underline may, change my mind about it, if I put on a little less, but we’ll see.

Coverage: A LOT, but also makes the colour difference very obvious

Scent: Strong floral scent

Sun Protection: SPF 30 and PA++ (which is basically Asian way of saying you won’t get darker, because white skin is very important for them, the more + the better).

Properties: if you can read Korean, please let me know, because I have no idea.

Price: 5000won (about $5) 30ml

Made in Korea

Overall rating: 2.5/5 barely passable, but is worth another try

Picture of the cream with flash, you can see how white/pale it is. You can’t really tell that it’s grey, but compared to the other BB creams I have it does fall on the grey side.
2013-08-10 19.22.59

Here it is again, in natural lighting. 2013-08-10 19.23.53

2013-08-10 19.26.22
Next up, Skinfood Aloe Sun BB cream. This is an easy review. This basically is not that different from the other Skinfood BB creams I’ve reviewed (Red Bean and Mushroom).

Colour: The number 2, shown here, has a pinky-yellow undertone. The number 1 in Skinfood BBs has a yellow-white undertone, which is too pale for me. I also want to point out unlike the other brands of BB creams that I’ve tried, where different lines tend to have a variation of colours, Skin 79 for example has this problem; Skinfood BB creams, regardless of the line, has all the same colour, which makes it really easy for me to try them.

Texture: Creamy but slightly liquid, thinner formula, and easy to spread. More balanced formula not too dry and doesn’t feel greasy, unlike InnisFree.

Coverage: Decent, but usually requires two layers. Does help even skin tone and gives a sheer glow

Scent: Light floral scent, but stronger than the Red Bean Skinfood is still my current go to BB cream.

Sun Protection: SPF of 20 and PA+

Properties: Hydrating and soothing. Although each BB from Skinfood is suppose to have different properties, I really feel no difference between them.

Price: 10,000won (about $10) 50g or 50ml

Made in Korea

Overall rating: 5/5

Here it is with flash. If you compare it with the Holika, it is definitely a bit darker in colour, but lighter in texture

2013-08-10 19.26.58

Under natural lighting. You can see the pink undertone here more. And on the very right, there’s no colour difference from my skin at all, just a sheer glow to the skin, which I love!
2013-08-10 19.27.26 2013-08-10 19.28.12Next on the list, ZA Total Hydration BB Cream UV White. This was an impulse buy from Taiwan. The reason being the annoying amount of times I’ve seen the commercial, it was insane. But this was actually my HG while in Taiwan, more than my Skinfood. Originally I didn’t want to try it in Taiwan, as I still had some Skinfood left, and I wanted to use it up, but gave in because I wanted to see if it was any good, and worth hoarding. Unfortunately, logic got to me and I never hoarded this BB cream (as in the logic that I have more BB cream than I can use up XD).

Colour: Similar to Skinfood, pinky-yellow undertone

Texture: A little dryer than Skinfood, and that was why I liked it better in Taiwan. Taiwan is a humid humid, sub tropical island, and is HOT, meaning I sweat a lot, and my skin produces more oil than it normally would in Vancouver or even Korea. This BB stayed on my skin for the long haul, and didn’t grease up my face. Like Skinfood, it’s easy to spread and has a thin formula

Coverage: Good, just needs one layer. Evens out skin tone, and has a semi-matte finish

Scent: light floral scent, has a bit of sunscreen smell to it as well

Sun Protection: SPF 50+ and PA+++. Suppose this means it’s got more SPF than 50, but Taiwan’s FDA equivalent will only allow cosmetics companies to label up to 50, if it’s more you can only show by adding a “+” sign to it, so we will never know if it’s 60 or 100. Whatever it is, I still think it’s important to put sunscreen underneath any base make up, regardless of the amount of SPF labelled. The reason being we don’t put on enough of base make up for it to protect our skin effectively. Of course it’s still great to have some SPF in base make up, it’ll give a little extra help for the protection, if like me, you don’t put on a thick layer of sunscreen either.

Properties: Whitening (claims to do this in 10 days: I’ve never wore this 10 days in a roll, so I can’t tell you if that’s true.), non-comedogenic, and long lasting (definitely true).

Price: 300NT (about $10), 20g or 20ml

Made in Taiwan (I think it’s a Taiwan brand)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Here it is with flash. The colour of this BB is similar to Skinfood, but it has a bit more yellow undertone, possibly because Taiwanese girls are generally more yellow than Korean girls. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, and that was also something I liked about it.
2013-08-10 19.28.57

Again, in natural lighting, on the very right, you can barely see any colour difference with my hand. I kind of regret not hoarding these. 2013-08-10 19.29.31 2013-08-10 19.30.56Last, for this post anyways, is the Holika Holika Snail BB cream. This was a gift when I purchased about $145 worth of stuff from Holika Holkia (yeah don’t ask…). That was in Korea, and this came with a face cream and a toner from the same Snail line. I brought this along when I went on a 10 day Japan trip, and I did not like it. The main reason I don’t like it, actually has nothing to do with the product itself, but the packaging: it explodes. At first I thought it was just the plane ride, but I cleaned it up after I got home, and it still exploded…it just makes a big mess. That being said, since this is the sample size, I don’t know if the regular size would be like that.

Colour: Here’s another example of how BB creams from the same brand but different line can have a colour difference. The Snail BB cream has a bit more yellow undertone than the previously mentioned Petit BB (also from Holika). There is less of a colour difference (on my face) for this BB.

Texture: Lighter, more liquid than other BBs. Thins out better than the Petit, but still feels thick on the face.

Coverage: Covers quite well, but again, makes the colour difference obvious

Scent: Like all Holika Holika products, it’s got a strong floral scent.

Sun Protection: SPF 30 and PA++.

Properties: The BB is suppose to be moisturising, cause of the whole snail slime thing, it isn’t, it’s more greasy than moisturising.

Price: I am not sure of the price, as this was a gift with purchase, and I was never really into the whole snail slime hype, I would never pay money to get this. The tube I have is 10ml.

Made in Korea

Overall rating: 3/5 it wins the Petit BB by 0.5 because of the better colour match and thinner formula, but still barely passable.

Here it is with flash, and you can tell that it exploded because it was pretty much dripping out of the tube, and I had to quickly catch it with my hand.
2013-08-10 19.31.42

Again, in natural lighting2013-08-10 19.32.07

And I guess I can’t really do a BB cream post without the mandatory grease test. Sorry it’s so crowded, I ran out of room. The arrows point to the respective BB cream blobs. The first to turn up grease was the Holika Holika Petit BB, followed by Snail BB, then Skinfood, and lastly ZA (as you can see it’s got the lightest grey circle).

My suggestions for someone who has skin like me (normal to dry skin, oily T-zone, and semi-sensitive skin). If you live in northern cold and dry places like Canada (Vancouver is more mild but nothing compared to more southern cities like LA or Asian cities like Taipei), I’d suggest Innisfree or Skinfood. Innisfree is definitely more greasy than Skinfood, so it depends on your own preferences. I personally like Innisfree better than Skinfood during the cold winter months, but during the mild temperatures of spring and fall I would reach for my Skinfood. If you live in southern humid and hot troipcal/subtropical places like Taiwan or LA, I’d suggest ZA. It is very long lasting, especially considering how much I sweat while in Taiwan, I absolutely love it. During the more humid weather of Vancouver summer (all two weeks of it) I would reach for ZA. As for the two Holika Holikas, well, I think it’s safe to say, I would reach for them if they were the only BB creams I have left in my make-up bag, which is not likely to happen.


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[BB Cream] – Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream

image And here I thought I was done with all the BB cream testing…

A friend of mine had been mulling over if she should get me to buy her a BB cream from Holika Holika, so I got curious and did some research on the Holika Holika BB creams. However, instead of wanting to buy HH BB cream (HHBB haha), I got curious about the BB cream from Innisfree instead. One of the blog reviews I saw was comparing the two, and the blogger gave more points to the Innisfree BB. So I am blaming all this money spend on her haha.


The Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream is one of 3 BB creams Innisfree offers. However, with the limited amount of English on the packaging, it seem the 3 BB creams are just different versions of the same green tea BB cream. One had the word “cover” on it, which I assume meant it was more of a concealer rather than base. I can’t recall what the other one said, but all three had green tea on it. I went with this one, because this was the one I saw the review on. That being said, I think Innisfree did a overhaul of this BB cream not long ago. Most of the pictures I saw were with a pump head, and claims to have calendula extract in the BB cream, which was what really got me curious about this BB cream. The one I got, however, only lists the green tea and says nothing about calendula extracts. The packaging is the normal squeeze tube type of packaging, nothing too exciting.


I have a fairly good impression of Innisfree as a brand. The “free” in their name suppose means that their products are free of many harmful chemicals, and they also seem to be fairly eco conscious and organic. They have a packaging recycling program, where if you return empty containers (from their brand) you can receive points that can go towards your next purchase. I haven’t bought enough of their stuff to do that, but I did get a membership card from them, just so I can get the sales when they do go on sale. Innisfree price range is a bit higher on the Korean brand scale. Nothing like Dior or Clarin’s, but compared to The Faceshop and Skinfood products the prices are a little higher. The tube of BB cream I got was 16,000 won (about $16) and my Skinfood BB creams were about 10,000 won (about $10).

With that out of the way, here are some swatch pictures. From left to right, dab, smudged, and blended. The top darker colour BB cream is my Skinfood Red Bean BB cream.


Indoor florescent lighting


Outdoor natural light


Outdoor direct sunlight


The colour of the Innisfree BB is a lot lighter than the Skinfood BB. Innisfree has 2 colours to choose from, this is the number 2, the darker of the two. Number one was pale white, I had a little inside voice gasp when I saw the colour. Skinfood colour definitely suits my skin better, that being said, there’s so little coverage from the Innisfree that the colour match doesn’t really matter. Innisfree also has a more yellow undertone rather than the pink that Skinfood has.


The texture of this BB cream is a bit on the greasy side, and you can see this from the blotting paper test that I did.


Both BB creams made the blotting paper turn pretty much black, but you can still see that the Skinfood (left) is a bit less dark than the Innisfree (right). I took this picture after I patted the sheet on to my hand. The Skinfood BB took a few seconds to turn dark. As shown in the picture below

You can see that the Skinfood (left) is just showing through, while Innisfree is already dark (oh hello foot XD sorry about that). I wish I had taken a vid instead. The Innisfree went dark right when the paper touched the BB cream, while Skinfood slowly soaked through.


As mentioned before, Innisfree has little to no coverage. I don’t even feel like it did much to even out my skin tone. Even a second layer did next to nothing for my blemishes and uneven skin tone.


I’d give this BB cream a  5/10. That being said, I’ve only used the product once, and I probably won’t have enough time left here in Korea to decide if I like this enough to hoard home, but currently my decision is a no. The blog review I saw described Innisfree as a light weight BB cream that’s good for hot summer days, I am going to have to disagree. I could feel the greasiness of this BB cream the moment I put it on, and I think it would be more suitable for winter months, so this may be good for the cold, dry winters of Canada.


Alright so it’s been a few more days since I’ve used this bb cream (total of 4 days), so wanted to do a short update of my overall impression of this bb cream. The whole not enough coverage thing was dude to the way I applied the bb cream the first time around, it actually does pretty well at covering spots and uneven skin tone. The colour difference is fairly noticeable if I apply too much on my face. The one thing I don’t like is the creasing. This bb cream immediately creases on my eyelid, that’s how oily it is. That being said, it seems to be doing wonders for my skin. I’ve been having less skin issues, my pimples are actually healing…it’s either the bb cream or because I am soon to be getting my monthly “gift” from mother nature. The bb cream definitely warrants more testing.


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[Shop Korea] – Holy Samples

I got a membership card from Etude House! Yup! You heard right! My second trip to Seoul my friend helped me get one. They don’t have actual membership cards, so I have to give them my cell phone number every time, me not speaking Korean makes this difficult, but good thing I can show them my number.

Anyways, a few days ago I walked into Etude House with the intention of getting a cleansing mask and a moisturising mask, and I actually did not buy anything else. So proud.

These are the 2 things I got. Moistful Collagen essential massage. It says it’s a massage gel, but I saw a few reviews that used it as a mask. The other one Wonder Pore Clay Clear (yeah don’t ask me about the bad English), it’s a clay mask that is suppose to help cleans the pores and shrink them.


So my post today is not a review of these 2 products, that will be in a separate post. My post today is about the insane amount of samples Korea gives. So with my product purchase, totalling about $20 CND, I got these 2 sample packs. At first I thought the sales was trying to sell me these things. Inside the Wonder Pore packages there was a toner, an essence and 2 sample packs of the clay I just got. I am not sure why he gave me this, but I do like the little bottle the toner came in. the other one is the aloe line in the same Moistful Collagen. The sales kept pointing to it, and with his limited English told me it’s the same…it is not…The aloe is a cream, gel and essence combo for, what I figure, stressed skin after sun tanning.


I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say we probably won’t get these types of samples except when we get the gift with purchase, which is usually a purchase of at least $30.

And the following picture is of the collection of samples I have gotten since I came to Korea…


I love samples, especially travelling more now, samples can get me through the days I don’t feel like bringing stupid jars and such around.

Until next time!


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[Skinfood] – Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder

Oct 15, 2011

It’s official! No more nail blogs for a while, I have cut them short due to the ugly yellowyness of them. Ewww.

So back to my Skinfood addiction, LoL. This powder I got on Ebay for $11.93 + shipping $3.04 (in Canadian). I decided to get this powder when my Too Faced one hit pan. But since I got the powder, I kind of stopped using the Too Faced one.


The powder smells great! I am fairly tempted to stick it in my mouth LOL. It’s a nice peachy smell, not too strong, at lest not for me. The powder is fairly fine, it reminded me a lot of what Makeup Forever’s HD powder felt like.


I have pretty much all good things to say about this powder. It works great. My forehead is still powdery and none shinny looking by the end of the day, which is almost impossible for me.

As you can see the colour is fairly white, but on the skin the colour is fairly translucent, at least there’s no noticible colour difference on my face. The only thing I did not like was the too powdery, cakey look of it. But I quickly resolved the problem with thermal water spray to set it after.


And of course you can’t talk about Asian makeup without talking about the packaging! I love this packaging, the puff is so cute and soft. The entire packaging has an overall antiquey look to it. Skinfood just has the best packing ever!! I am such a sucker for pretty packaging….


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All about the BB Creams

Pre-post babble: so this is my 3rd attempt at this post. The first 2 failed because after I typed out the long BB cream reviews, I accidentally lost them due to my own stupidity (let’s not talk about how stupid I am…) hopefully this will be my last attempt (actually not planning to post anymore if this one fails too). Here goes nothing (yet again!)
After discovering the wonderfulness that is BB cream, I am hooked!

First, let’s start off with some background. BB cream stands for Blemish Balm cream. It’s originally formulated for post-laser surgeries to help heal and cover up scars or other blemishes on sensitive skin. It is widely used in Asian countries such as Japan and Korea, and is growing in popularity in Taiwan.

Now some background for me and base make up. I’ve never liked using foundation or any sorts of base make up, for the longest time I’ve only used concealer to conceal things I do not like on my face. I’ve tried tinted moisturizer from Marcel, which did not work for me (not enough coverage). Then I went back to concealer only, but I was pretty much putting concealer all over my face, and it was getting annoying trying to dab on every blemish I have. Then I tried mineral foundation from Everyday Minerals. I liked it until winter hit, and my skin started drying up and flaking. So last year in Dec I finally gave in to liquid foundation and purchased Make-up Forever’s Face & Body foundation. It was hella expensive at $42 per bottle, good thing I had a $20 coupon from Sephora, so I only paid $22. I loved the foundation and all, but the Face&Body was quite thin and did not do much coverage of blemishes, it did however, even out my skin tone. Another con was that it floated by the end of the day, on my forehead and where the nose piece of my glasses sits. And so comes the BB cream. I always wondered about BB creams, but never knew where to get them. They aren’t very easily available. And BB cream was actually the reason that I got in to internet shopping….so I ordered my first BB cream (L’egere White Multi) from

After discovering BB cream and all it’s wonderfulness, I’ve been venturing out to try different brands. So my newly obtained BB cream is from Skin Food Mushroom Multi.

skinfood bottle

I won’t go into too much about this bb cream, I’ll be comparing all of them later on in the post.

suppose it’s got 3 different functions: whitening, anti-ageing and sun protection (SPF 20). I don’t know about the whitening and anti-ageing’s only been a few weeks.
skinfood front

wish I can read Korean!

skinfood lable

sealed up tight, pretty hygienic!

skinfood top

Anyways! on to the topic at hand (after so much bs)…LOL
So these are all the BB creams I own.
bb cream all
It may look like I have 7 different kinds, I actually only have 6. There’s a duplicate in there that I did not realize until I started typing up the names of the BB cream (they really need to make the packaging the same…it’s all very confusing). The duplicate one is the silver tube and white tube, they are both L’egere White Multi.

Enough with the babbling, here’s the list of the bb creams, and my initial (or not so initial) feelings about them.
From left to right, and back row then front row:

1. Skin Food Mushroom Multi
Price: I got this one on Ebay for $13 almost $14, there are also other sellers, the prices are between $13 to $15, the one I saw was the cheapest
volume: 50g
SPF 20
This is the cheapest bb cream I own and my current favourite. The consistency is a bit creamy, but not thick like the L’egere White Multi. It covers pretty well, covering most blemishes, but can’t cover big pimples. It’s got a pretty noticeable pink undertone to it, which is perfectly fine for me, although I do have a yellow undertone, but since this one is not thick the colour difference is not that big. The only thing that might bother people is the smell of this cream. It’s a pretty strong grassy smell, it doesn’t bother me that much, but it might bother people who don’t like scents. The one I got is shade 2, and I am actually curious about shade 1, suppose it’s got a yellow under tone to it, so it might be better for me. But I will resist until I finish most of my bb creams.

2. Skin79 Super+
SPF 25
Price: Again I got this on ebay, I believe almost $15…I don’t recall the other seller’s prices but definitely nothing over $20
volume: 40g
I got this because my friend, who had purchased the gold label one, told me she liked it. I also saw Jen from from-head-to-toe used it. It was a BIG disappointment! It was soooo grey, I could not use it. It accentuated all my darker areas, like my under eye circle, I looked like crap. I looked like I had used ash to powder my face…it was insane. In the end I was only able to use this product when I mix it with the L’egere White Multi (which has a red undertone), to make a beige colour, that I could finally use. The consistency of this is slightly more watery then the Skinfood or L’egere. The coverage is minimal

3. L’egere White Multi
Price: $19.99USD @
Volume: 50g
SPF unknown, but sun protection is listed on the bottle as one of the properties
This was my first bb cream I’ve ever tried. I loved it when I tried it, then as the day got hotter, I felt it was a bit thick..and really it’s very white. I feel like a mime sometimes using this product. Straight out of the tube it actually looks dark, but it’s not, it’s one of the lightest bb creams I own. The coverage is pretty decent, but again it’s quit thick. My skin feels uncomfortable under the hot sun.

4. Skin79 Diamond Prestige (1st little jar from the left)
Price: this is not one I purchased, so I am not sure…
Volume: 40g
SPF 25
My friend gave me some of hers to try out. I only used it once, so this is very initial feeling about this product. The consistency is very watery, and there’s no much coverage. However, there’s also no colour difference that I can see either. If I hadn’t tried the Skinfood first, this would have been my next choice. It evens out skin tone, but cant really cover much of anything, which is a problem for me (too many blemishes on my face). It definitely feels the most like a tinted moisturizer.

5. Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total (2nd little jar)
Price: again not one I bought
Volume: 40g
SPF 37
This is another one that my friend gave me, I only used it once too. The consistency is also watery and very very minimal coverage. It’s got a slight grey tone to it, but not as bad as the Super+. I don’t know if it’s because it’s so light or because I used so little, there’s not much colour difference when I use this. But just with the amount of coverage, I would not pick this one. The only pro for this one I guess would be the high SPF… but that’s never a concern for me, as long as it’s over 15 I am fine.

6. L’egere Water Drop Shiny Pearl
Price: $19.99USD @
Volume: 50g
SPF unknown, but sun protection is listed as a property
This one I got from my friend, she got it as a sample from one of her imomoko orders, but didn’t want to try it because she didn’t like the White Multi. I was also iffy to try this one because of the colour difference for the White Multi, but I was pleasantly surprised. The consistency is watery, and it was pretty easy to blend. It even out the skin tone, with minimal coverage. The only thing I would be worried about is the shimmeriness of this bb cream, I am not one for glowy looking face.

Now that the reviews are all done and over with, on with the pictures!
MUF face and body
I compared my bb creams to my Make up Forever Face and Body foundation. The colour is #20 (Ivory) which is my perfect fit, it’s slightly slightly pinkish and has a yellow undertone, which is what I have basically.

let’s start with straight out of the tube…

bb cream colour1

I don’t know why I decided to squeeze them out so close together…I hope no one is confused with the names lol. And there’s one that’s not label (the one on the very top right) that’s the L’egere White please just ignore it =p

this one you can see the shimmers in the L’egere Water Drop, and because they are touching, it looks like the White Multi also has a bit of shimmer, I assure you it doesn’t

bb cream colour2

and at a different angle….the Super+ looks really grey in this picture…why did I even buy it T_T

bb cream colour3
here they are slightly blended out, you can see the colours better in these

bb cream swatch

and here they are blended out.

I’ve circled and label each spot. The top row first

bb cream blended2

now bottom row. It may seem like the Super+ suits me best, but my arm does not have any dark circles, and it’s about 2 shades lighter then my face…so never trust swatches on the arm or hand! always swatch at the jaw line, and you want to match the neck more so then the face. That being said, my neck is SUPER yellow, so I actually try to be one shade lighter than my neck…I don’t want to have a yellow face.

bb cream blended3

And lastly…
bb cream oil
here they are on a sheet of blotting paper, to see how much oil each cream has.
from looking with the naked eye, Skin Food and the Super+ seems to be the most oily.

close up. It’s amazing how the MUF has NO oil AT ALL!!.

Well! that’s it!

This took me a while to post, I was planning to post this last week, but after typing up half of the post and then loosing it…I cried and got lazy..haha. But better late than never right? Enjoy! and I hope this helped you in finding the right BB cream for you 🙂

until next time, live well and shop LOTS!!

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