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[Lips] – Peripera Lip Tint Water

Hi peeps~ sorry for the absence of 2 weeks, life has just been a bit stressful, but I got stuff lined up!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I tend not to review much lip products, mainly because I don’t really use lip products. Why you ask? I have pretty full lips and while some people like to draw attention to it, I’ve always liked the thin lips look, so I don’t tend to put anything on my lips to draw attention to how full they already are. Every time I put anything other than lip balm I feel like my head is just a big giant lip. I sometimes put on colours that are “my lips but better” and that’s about as much colour as I can handle on my lips.

So when the whole gradient lip look from Korean (in Chinese we call it the bitten lip look) got really huge and popular, I was quite excited. I remember when I was a little kid sucking on a lollipop would always leave my lips looking exactly like that. I tried a few times to achieve that look with regular lip stick/gloss, it never turned out the way I want it to. So I decided I just had to look into this lip tint thing that Koreans are so obsessed about.

And you can’s spell lip tint without Peripera! Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe they were the first Korean brand to come out with the lip tint and everyone else jumped on the bandwagon. So I actually didn’t do much research before I went out and bought these, it was kind of on a whim (I was in Taiwan, it was cheap, I got confused). I knew Peripera is a popular lip tint brand, and I’ve seen images of this particular one floating through the internet so I was determined to get these. Later I found out Peripera also made lip ink (creamier version of a lip tint), and those apparently have much better staying power. All well.

Now when I purchased these 2 I was actually looking for a more pinky shade, but that was not available at the  store I was shopping at, probably because it was the most popular.

The colours I got was in no1 (cherry juice) and no3 (orange juice). I was looking for no2 (pink juice). In any case, as the names would suggest, no1 is a red and no 3 is an orange.

The consistency of these tints are very watery (I guess that’s why they call it tint water). You can see that it spread into the fine lines of my hand. I would say if you have a lot of texture on your lips, these are probably not the best. It definitely will accentuate the fine lines on your lips. Right out of the bottle it seems a bit over whelming. What I normally do is dab it with my finger, and focus the attention on the centre of the lips in order to achieve the gradient look.

Once the stain sets, the colour is much softer and gives a very nice healthy appearance to the lips without it being “BAM! here are my lips!”  (if you know what I am saying…) I personally prefer the red colour over the orange one. The orange just seems a bit unnatural.

One thing I have to note though, I put on lip balm/vaseline on my lips like there’s no tomorrow, because it’s actually painful when my lips chap. This tint does not mix well with oils (lip balm/vaseline), so I actually have to put this on dry lips, and then top it with lip balm, but that ends up moving the colour around a bit (because oils can remove makeup), so to be honest, I am not really sure what I should do with these, because I can’t live without my lip balm, and these are definitely not moisturizing. I kind of wish I bought the ink ones because they seem to be more moisturizing, or at least be able to mix better with oils.

In conclusion…

consistency: very watery, very liquidy, will settle into lines

scent: Both of these have a different scent, but both very fruity. I can’t exactly say the cherry one smells like cherry and the orange one smells like orange, but I am guessing that’s what they were going for. Aside from the fruity scent, it also has a very strong alcohol smell, so I suspect this probably is an alcohol base product.

colour: I’ve only noted 3 colours here, I believe there are a total of 5

Image result for Peripera lip tint water

Price: I honestly don’t remember how much I got these for…may have been around the $6 to $8 range. On they are going for 6.98USD, which would be about $8 CND with the exchange rates now (so sad).

And as always, like all Korean branded cosmetics, these are also made in Korea.

Overall: I’d say this product is a 2/5. The performance of these were quite disappointing. I did like the colour, and it did help me achieve the look of the gradient. But, what I am suppose to do with my dry painful lips? I mean yes, I get that alcohol doesn’t mix well with oils, but I mean really what girl goes around without any lip balm/chap stick of sort? This will teach me to never just go buy things without doing research first.

I did try mixing this to vaseline to see if I can make it into a tinted lip balm, but that did not go well. It was a pretty big mess, and the water and vaseline mixture never really mixed. The colours became little dots in the vaseline and the tint was just very splotchy.

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[Korea Bound] – Korea, I don’t undrstand you…

July 7, 2012

After so many months in Korea, there are still some things that I just don’t get about Korea…

#1. Their consistency on bad English, and the need to use it anyways. There are many many many online translators or something call a dictionary that you can use if you insist on putting English on EVERYTHING!


“I am so happy. Feel it, YOU FEEL IT! That this was meant to be.” on a cup, with bears?? why?

“Yes! So Good!” and “No! Too Bad!”

Chanese RestauRENT…what do you sell?

This one gave me the LOLs “The Black Face” first thing that came to my friend’s mind was racist! The worst part of it all, while these pants are fake, “The Black Face” is an actual proper Korean name brand for sports wear.

not one, not all stars just two star (notice no s)!

This was on a bag that I purchased, it was so close to making sense!!

For sure I need more of those stamps! Mailing letters is just the same as shopping for shoes and bags!

#2. The inappropriately places things/pictures

creeper face on a toilet. I totally want to feel like being watched when I go to the toilet! That is totally my thing!

And this was outside of a (I think) restaurant. I promise I don’t have a dirty mind, it is what it is!!

And this was an advertisement for my hot yoga class. Girls lined up with a “I love you” at the top corner? What in that does it say come do hot yoga it’s good for ya? At the risk of offending people, it looks more like an ad for escort services…

Hope you enjoyed reading/seeing these odd WTFs of Korea as much as I enjoyed taking pictures of them!

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[Korea Bound] – Shopping Weekend in Seoul

When in Korea, you go to Seoul!

I made a weekend trip up to Seoul. Thanks to Debbie Kim, my highschool friend that I haven’t seen in a while, for helping us save on hotel costs. Plus she planned out the entire weekend, which is great for me. I love plans, but I hate making them, because they always end up wrong. Especially when you are with people that don’t go by the plan.

Since arriving in Korea, I have noticed that it seems Canadians are the only ones that follow plans. Some people are just not too fond of planning. They like to move with the flow. Which sometimes is nice, but sometimes it’s not so great. Especially when you only have one weekend in Seoul.

We arrived in Seoul around 9PM via KTX train. We had a hell of a time getting to our KTX station though. Gyeongju’s KTX station (Singyeongju yo) is not in the best location. It is about 20mins taxi from where I live. Buses are even worse, apparently it takes about an hour to get there by bus due to all the stops and longer route it takes. I was lucky enough to find people that were heading there on the same day around the same time, and we shared a taxi.

On a side note, ever since I came to Korea, I have not ran into a taxi driver that spoke English. My friend had told me when he was here, some of the best English speakers were taxi drivers, and so I was a little disappointed. The taxi driver that took us to the KTX station however, spoke really good English. We were able to have a conversation. And found out that he had a nephew in Toronto.

Anyways, we got to the station just in time. I was about 10mins from catching my train. My friend, Amanda, however was no where to be seen. I called and called and no answer. She finally made it to the station with one minute to spare. Turned out she thought the train was at 7:30 and not 6:58, and ended up taking a taxi (was going to take a bus), who decided to go through downtown during rush hour (how smart). But we both made it in time.

The KTX ride was ok. The train was comfy but loud. It took 20mins to get to Daegu (normally an hour bus ride), and we were both very surprised by this.

We got the Seoul in one piece and found Debbie. We had our first meal in Seoul, which was delicious BBQ beef (OMG was I craving steak).

We took an early day and went back to get some rest, as we had a very long day on Saturday.

Saturday morning, we got up fairly early and went to Seoul Square in Gwanghamun

It was known as the financial district in Seoul, what is special about it is that it’s got a “park” smack in the middle of the street, and also a traditional palace.

We took a short walk around the palace. It was HUGE! Then we headed over to Insadong, which was not far away

Insadong is all about artistic scenery and had this building that’s all about hand made things.

Ssamziegil is probably my favourite place in Seoul. I regret not buying some of the stuff in there.

And of course when shopping in Seoul you just have to go to Myeongdong

It was packed of people, and shops. The shops are so small that it’s hard to manoeuvre through them. I bought a few things and saw a few things that I wanted (but ended up waiting for Dongdaemun, but it didn’t happen). It was a whole other experience from Busan.

After Myeongdon, we met up with our adorable homeroom teacher from orientation and had some dimsum. I thought it was funny for me to travel all the way to Korea to eat at a Taiwanese restaurant, but it was a nice change from all the Korean food I’ve been eating.

We took a walk by the Gwanggyo river after dinner.

The river really reminded me of the Love river in Taiwan, as they were both once heavily polluted, until recently the government decided to clean it up.

Our original plan was to walk off dinner than take the subway to Dongdaemun, but the walk was so nice we ended up walking all the way to Dongdaemun LOL.

Shopping was both good and bad. There were definitely a lot of selection, but I didn’t particularly enjoy being yelled or gabbed at by the merchants. Most of the merchants on the lady wear floors were fine. But the men’s wear floor, boy are they aggressive. Because we were with Amanda, who is as white as a white person can be, they kept talking to us in English. A few asked if Debbie and I were Korean. We decided to ignore them. After about 10 mins on that floor, I wanted to get out of there.

I got my loot and we were out of there. It was a long long day. We started at 8 in the morning, and got home a little after 12.

Special thanks to Debbie who was a great tour guide and planned out such a nice day. Seoul needs to be revisited again for sure.

And here are my loot from Seoul


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[Korea Bound] – Korea, how much do I love thee, let me count the ways…

1. I love being about to find cute adorable things everywhere to waste my money on (it’s a love hate thing)

2. I love that bibimbap only costs $4.50

3. I love kimchi

4. I love not having to pay an arm and a leg for data on my phone

5. I love there’s still English shows and movies on TV

6. I love everywhere is walkable, and not too far

7. I love that the 7-11 is just around the corner and not a 10min drive away

8. I love how cheap the train tickets are

9. I love how I can find all my favourite skin care brands everywhere for cheap!

10. I love that onion rings also come in spicy flavour


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[Korea Bound] – Vancouver how much do I miss you, let me count the ways…

1. I miss having access to a multitude of cultural food in Vancouver, regardless of how expensive it is.

2. I miss the cars that stop for people, and not try to run them over.

3. I miss having side walks to walk on, and not having to worry about scooters or cars driving on to them and possibly running me over.

4.  I miss not having to pay an arm and a leg for strawberries or fruits in general.

5. I miss not being able to find stupid adorable things that makes me want to (and eventually do) waste money on them EVERYWHERE!!

6. I miss the smell of the ocean and even the stupid seagulls that poops on me.

7. I miss the green green grass that I can find everywhere in Vancouver, even the downtown area.

8. I miss being able to look at clothes in stores without having people follow me around like I am going to shop lift.

9. I miss being able to know how much something is before I decide if it’s worth trying on or even looking at.

10. I miss my stupid brother that understands my lame jokes, and screams when I hug him.

11. I miss hanging out with my friends.

12. I miss not having to be so reserved all the time.

13. I miss being able to ease drop on other people’s conversations and understand them.

14. I miss not having to push a button before I can get hot water running through the pipes.

15. I miss having a phone that fits in my pocket.

16. I miss people that will not cut in line.

17. I miss people not seeing my face and just start talking to me in Korean.

18. I miss my mom.

19. I miss watching hockey (especially with the play offs on now..T_T).

20. Most of all I miss speaking English and people would understand me!


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