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[The Face Shop] – Lovely Me: Ex Pore Ghassoul Mask

imageOOPS! Sorry I missed 2 weeks of posts. I just got lazy the first Sat, and then I was in San Diego for the 2nd, so….I have nothing to say for myself. I am sorry T_T I’ll make it up with fluffy panda pictures next week! I promise! (that probably doesn’t mean anything now T_T)

Anyways, on to the topic at hand. So I got this a while back from ebay for $13.59CND. I won’t recommend the seller though, because I had some issues with the shipping. It took them 3 days to ship after I paid, and I had to email to ask about it.

I had originally wanted to purchase only the Jeju volcanic clay mask, but just can’t resist the adorable packaging!! Can you?

I didn’t have high hopes for this thing. It’s a clay mask, and they never do much except maybe reduce oil. But this mask didn’t even do that. It smelled nice, and was easy to wash off, that’s about all the pros I can give you. It did absolutely nothing for my pores, though from the description it seems like it’s suppose to shrink or at least clean the pores. Nope didn’t do that either.  Definitely not worth repurchasing. But damn that packaging is just adorable!

For those interested, here’s the list of ingredients:


Here’s the texture of the clay mask. Nothing special really.


So a 2/5 for this baby, mainly for that cute packaging.

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[Face Off] – The Faceshop Fresh Cleansing Oil

imageAfter I finished using the brightening version of this cleansing oil, I decided to try another one. The fresh version sounded like it would work for my skin. The packaging is exactly the same expect for the colour of the bottle, I personally prefer the blue/purple colour of the brightening version, but I guess that has nothing to do with the product itself.

In the picture the product is more than half gone, only because I dumped a great deal of amount into  a smaller bottle for travelling purposes, I didn’t actually use that much in such a short time.

Similar to the brightening version of this cleansing oil, the fresh version also does not wash off clean with just water, but again it does a pretty good job removing make up and such. There’s not much difference between the two versions except for a couple of things.

First the scent. The fresh version has a sweet and sour scent versus the floral scent of the brightening version. I don’t really enjoy the scent of the fresh version, but this is a non-issue.

The other more significant difference is that the fresh one stings my eyes. I am not sure if it has to do with the type of essence they claim to have used in the product (brightening claims it uses prune and fresh claims to use cherry blossom) or what, but the fresh version is not very comforting around the eyes. I think I will definitely go back to the DHC. I can’t really handle the fact that it does not wash off clean

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[The Faceshop] – Hyaluronic Acid All-In-One Cream

Ok…so I promised I would post this a while back, and well… I procrastinated. I got this sorta on a whim. It’s been like that for all the creams I’ve bought in Korea. Mostly because the sales people are so pushy. I wanted to try the cream in the same line as the camomile toner, but she insisted that this one is similar and cheaper for more product..odd that they won’t let me spend more money…

Anyways, the consistency of this cream is sorta watery, but once put on has a sticky feeling. I don’t particularly like how it feels on my skin, but it does the job. According to the box it acts as a night cream, sleep mask and essence, hence the all in one claim in the name. It does have that sticky feeling similar to sleeping masks.

Ingredient list

Suppose it’s free of lots of things except fragrance (which I find odd). Apparently lots of The Faceshop products do this.
imageI would give this product a 7/10 mainly because of the texture and I really hate the sticky feeling. It does moisturise and my skin does feel moist in the morning, so I guess it does the job.  But I won’t repurchase.

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[The Faceshop] – Arsainte Eco-Therapy Tonic

My skin is dying!!! I’ve been looking for a replacement night cream because my night cream was running out. While researching online, I stumbled upon a calendula toner and face cream from The Faceshop, and so I decided to head in to buy that. But it seems the shops did not have them. With the limited amount of English the shop lady could understand, she suggested a cream, and this toner when I mistakenly asked for camomile  instead of calendula. Since I couldn’t find the calendula line, I decided camomile will be fine too (I’ve used that before as well). Both of the products she suggested were “eco-friendly,” which really just means it’s paraben free. So I’ll talk about the cream later, but I really liked this toner.


The yellow layer on top is a layer of camomile oil, it give the toner a scent, and the toner thins out the oil so it’s not too rich for your skin


After you shake it the toner turns yellowish, and does not feel greasy at all. There’s a very light camomile scent, which I love, it did not smell artificial.


Here’s a list of the ingredients, you can click into the picture for a larger view. The other thing I liked was that it did not have alcohol on the label like many other toners, which dries out the skin. More importantly, it also does not contain water (or aqua), as a filler ingredient, I recall on the box somewhere it said that they used something else to replace water.


Any case, the toner is fairly moisturizing, I don’t use it with a cotton pad, I just use my hands and pat it into my skin, it works quite well, my skin feels pretty moist even before I put on my night cream. This could possibility be one of the items I will hoard before I get back to Canada. But the lack of paraben could perhaps affect the amount of time I can store it, will have to think it through…

The price was fairly good, this is a 145ml bottle, it’s a little less than $10
Canadian. Compared to what I paid for for the camomile toner from PRE ($16 for 100ml) it is much cheaper and is more effective. The bottle is glass which is good in that it’s sturdy and has a nice feel to it, but not so good when I want to send it back home (heavy). The product itself is effective, so I would give an overall rating of 9/10.


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[Face Remover] – The Face Shop Brightening Cleansing Oil

Olah, I am loving the ease of access to Asian skincare/cosmetics in Korea! It’s a wonderful thing that I actually started liking Korean skincare pre-Korea.

Anyways, I was slowly running out of the Skinfood cleansing oil I got when I came to Korea, so I decided I wanted to try something else, since there are so many more choices now that I am in Korea. There’s a The Face Shop store near where I am so I decided to just go there and get what I need.

I walked into the store and of course the sales person starts blaring Korean, I decided since I know exactly what I wanted (did some pre-research) I am just going to pretend I understand what he was talking about, so I just kept saying “yes” in Korean. I think he said something along the lines of the cleanser has different types for different skin types, etc etc etc. In any case I immediately spotted what I want and got the cleanser.

The Face Shop has a few different facial cleanser, in the same line there were 4 different types. “Fresh” for oil and blackhead prone skin type. “Anti-Ageing” obviously for anti-ageing. “Enriched” for dry skin type. And lastly the one I got “Brightening” for whitening.

I question the ability of a cleansing oil to whiten my skin, but I just couldn’t resist the clam of it all. Since I’ve been in Korean, I feel that my skin has been more blotchy with uneven skin tone, I am not sure why. Perhaps due to the lack of quality sleep I haven’t been getting…

So like all skin care there are good and bad things about this, but the good and the bad of this product is so extreme that I am not sure if I would repurchase, not yet anyways.

The good:

The cleansing properties of this oily is pretty amazing. I haven’t had such an easy time removing my crazy hard to remove Kiss Me mascara. Even the cleansing oil the mascara came with didn’t do such a good job.


Can I just say The Face Shop has the nicest packaging ever! It’s not cute like most of Etude House’s stuff. It kind of has a Shu Uemura feel to it don’t you think? But with a much friendlier price tag. This 200ml bottle was about $12 Canadian (where as I believe Shu Uemura’s 150ml bottle is about $60). $12 is actually consider high price in Korea. The 170ml I got from Skinfood was $8.

And the bad:

So having read the instructions and the description on the website and the bottle, I thought it would be something like the Skinfood cleansing oil and my beloved DHC cleansing oil, that once water touches it, it turns into a lotiony liquid and washes off clean. I was wrong.

Here’s what it says on the instruction. Use ample amount of oil massage until make-up is removed then wash off with warm water, depending on skin type use a second step cleanser.


Although the oil does lotionfy (is that a word), it does not do this as well as the DHC or the Skinfood cleansing oils. The DHC cleanser washes off squeaky clean with just water, and that was one of the reasons I love it so much. The Skinfood cleansing oil still leaves a slight greasy feeling after I wash it off with water, but nothing uncomfortable. This particular cleansing oil, does not wash off at all. I can still feel a film of grease on my face after I wash with warm water, even worse with cold water (both the DHC and SF work fine with cold or warm). For myself I always wash my face again with a foam cleanser, so it doesn’t bother me THAT much. And the fragrance was pretty nice, it’s a flora scent, unlike Skinfood’s earthy scents. DHC has no smell, but after a while there’s a distinct oil smell that is not very pleasant.

Anyways, I will continue using it until I am done with this. Perhaps the next one I will try the “Fresh” one, maybe that will work better since it’s suppose to be for oil prone skin type…

Until next time! 🙂

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