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[Daiso] – Detergent for Puff and Sponge

IMAG3869Been wanting to write about this amazing puff/sponge/brush cleaner for a while. But you know me procrastination and laziness always gets me!

In any case, a number of years back I bought this from Daiso out of curiosity. Also because it’s made in Japan, and I have yet to be disappointed by anything made in Japan. Even though the name says it’s for puff and sponge, I also use it on my brushes, and it works amazing on all the tools.

I’ve used up maybe 5 bottles of this stuff already(?) and I will never switch to anything else. Before I found this product I was using baby shampoo as recommended by some beauty bloggers because I refused to pay $$$ for cleansers for my brushes/sponges/puffs. But this bottle of 80ml cleanser lasts me quit a long period of time (never really counted how long it lasts), and costs $2 from Daiso. I usually hoard them when I get a chance to go.

When I was using baby shampoo, normally I would need to wash a brush 2 maybe 3 times to actually see that it’s cleaner (not completely clean, just cleaner). But with this little bottle, once is enough to clean the brush/sponge/puff. It not only saves money, it also affects the longevity of your make-up tools.

Here are some amazing pictures of before and after:

This is a brush I use for my bronzer, this has about 3 or 4 months of product in it. You can see the brozner on the bristles, the top of the brush is suppose to be white.


Normally I would wet the brush first, put some of the detergent on my hand, and work it into the brush. Here is the brush after about a min. You can see the brush is already cleaner than the picture before.


And here it is after the soap is rinsed off. I only went through it once, no other tools other than the detergent and my hand.


A couple of days of air drying, and voila! As good as new!


Here is a sponge for press foundation. I don’t use press foundation much, but sponges should be clean after each use (not that I do that…). Anyways, there is still quite a bit of product on the sponge. You can see the obvious colour difference between the top of the sponge and bottom of the sponge.


This is how much of the product I use on the sponge. Initially it doesn’t absorb into the sponge.


You have to work it in a bit. This is only a few seconds of working the soap into the sponge and you can already notice the difference between this and before it was clean.


And here it is all clean. Not even a trace of the foundation. Just let it air dry over night and you have a nice clean sponge to use again in the morning.


For $2 I think this product is amazing. I personally have not tried any of the other products out there that are made especially for cleaning make-up tools, but if the result is the same as this one, why would  I want to spend $20 more for the same product?

This product has no scent, and really nothing special about it, other than it’s amazing cleaning ability. It gets a 5/5 from me. 🙂

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[Face Remover] – The Face Shop Brightening Cleansing Oil

Olah, I am loving the ease of access to Asian skincare/cosmetics in Korea! It’s a wonderful thing that I actually started liking Korean skincare pre-Korea.

Anyways, I was slowly running out of the Skinfood cleansing oil I got when I came to Korea, so I decided I wanted to try something else, since there are so many more choices now that I am in Korea. There’s a The Face Shop store near where I am so I decided to just go there and get what I need.

I walked into the store and of course the sales person starts blaring Korean, I decided since I know exactly what I wanted (did some pre-research) I am just going to pretend I understand what he was talking about, so I just kept saying “yes” in Korean. I think he said something along the lines of the cleanser has different types for different skin types, etc etc etc. In any case I immediately spotted what I want and got the cleanser.

The Face Shop has a few different facial cleanser, in the same line there were 4 different types. “Fresh” for oil and blackhead prone skin type. “Anti-Ageing” obviously for anti-ageing. “Enriched” for dry skin type. And lastly the one I got “Brightening” for whitening.

I question the ability of a cleansing oil to whiten my skin, but I just couldn’t resist the clam of it all. Since I’ve been in Korean, I feel that my skin has been more blotchy with uneven skin tone, I am not sure why. Perhaps due to the lack of quality sleep I haven’t been getting…

So like all skin care there are good and bad things about this, but the good and the bad of this product is so extreme that I am not sure if I would repurchase, not yet anyways.

The good:

The cleansing properties of this oily is pretty amazing. I haven’t had such an easy time removing my crazy hard to remove Kiss Me mascara. Even the cleansing oil the mascara came with didn’t do such a good job.


Can I just say The Face Shop has the nicest packaging ever! It’s not cute like most of Etude House’s stuff. It kind of has a Shu Uemura feel to it don’t you think? But with a much friendlier price tag. This 200ml bottle was about $12 Canadian (where as I believe Shu Uemura’s 150ml bottle is about $60). $12 is actually consider high price in Korea. The 170ml I got from Skinfood was $8.

And the bad:

So having read the instructions and the description on the website and the bottle, I thought it would be something like the Skinfood cleansing oil and my beloved DHC cleansing oil, that once water touches it, it turns into a lotiony liquid and washes off clean. I was wrong.

Here’s what it says on the instruction. Use ample amount of oil massage until make-up is removed then wash off with warm water, depending on skin type use a second step cleanser.


Although the oil does lotionfy (is that a word), it does not do this as well as the DHC or the Skinfood cleansing oils. The DHC cleanser washes off squeaky clean with just water, and that was one of the reasons I love it so much. The Skinfood cleansing oil still leaves a slight greasy feeling after I wash it off with water, but nothing uncomfortable. This particular cleansing oil, does not wash off at all. I can still feel a film of grease on my face after I wash with warm water, even worse with cold water (both the DHC and SF work fine with cold or warm). For myself I always wash my face again with a foam cleanser, so it doesn’t bother me THAT much. And the fragrance was pretty nice, it’s a flora scent, unlike Skinfood’s earthy scents. DHC has no smell, but after a while there’s a distinct oil smell that is not very pleasant.

Anyways, I will continue using it until I am done with this. Perhaps the next one I will try the “Fresh” one, maybe that will work better since it’s suppose to be for oil prone skin type…

Until next time! 🙂

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