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[Nail Blog] – updates

Jan 16, 2012

Hi all, haven’t updated in a while. here are some manicures I did in the past week. I seriously gave up on growing my nails out haha. It’s still yellowy…which makes me sad. Anyways, after these manicures I had some broken nails and so I cut them off, so now I can’t do anything with them…


purple tip with white waffle cross design on top that’s badly done and pink underline. This one I kept for a week or so


white tip, red waffle cross design that’s also horribly done . This I kept for a whole 15mins before I took it off and replaced it with the purple tip, because the white just wouldn’t dry (it was a matte Revlon white, forgot what it’s called)


Sally Hansen nail sticker, lace pattern. I am starting to love these nail stickers they last so long and they look so nice, even on short nails! Nothing ever looks nice on short nails (cuz I have man hands), and they are so easy to use! I just wish they were cheaper =p

Well that’s it people, I am being lazy again. I am not sure what I’ll be blogging about next. Perhaps I’ll finally post up the last dine out restaurant I had LAST YEAR (LOL). I procrastinate too much XD

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[Review] Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat

June 19, 2011
Hi peeps! Sooooo today it’s a review on Revlon’s quick dry base coat. I normally don’t review on nail polish, regardless if it’s top coat, base coat or coloured. But I had to make a special post for this base coat. It’s pretty damn amazing! So I’ve been searching for base coats since I found that polish has been staining my nails. I really just wanted one that would help keep the stain away, but this base coat seems to do a bit more than that. I think I got this for around $4 or so on sale at Rexall, cuz I don’t buy shit at regular price! HAHA. I decided to get the base coat because I liked their quick dry top coat from Revlon. I have been eyeing it for a while too, and it finally went on sale!

The first time I tried the base coat I didn’t think much of it, then later on I found that my polish has been staying a lot nicer a lot longer, so I decided to test it out and see how long exactly can the nail polish stay. Unfortunately, I could only get up to 10 days before I got bored and sick of my nail colour. The first picture was taken right after I put on the polish. Here’s a less blurry one without flash.

So I tried to do a gradient thing because I thought that would help me not be bored with it too soon. The gradient kind of failed, so I guess that didn’t work so well…

Here it is again one week later

looks pretty good doesn’t it?

Here are some close ups

Overall the polish stayed pretty well, except for some minimal tip wear. The index finger is the most obvious. The picture was taken after I push back the cuticles and did some trimming, so there is a gap between the colour and the cuticles since my nails did grow.

ok you might need to click the picture to see a clearer version of this. I wanted to show this because there are obvious cracks on my nail polish (I think the thumb is the most obvious). This always happen to me within a week, because I tend to like bending my nails and biting it now and then. The cracks bugs me a lot, and I usually take off my polish once the crack shows. But I tried to ignore the cracks this time. It’s also less obvious because there’s sparkles in the polish, the cracks are very obvious on cream nail polish (which I have been loving lately).

Anyways…and this is the last picture I am going to show you. This was 10 days after I first applied the polish, I couldn’t stand it longer than that. 10 days and 1 week didn’t look too different. I had tried a friend’s white OPI shatter over top of the polish, I didn’t like the look, and that was partial reason why I had to take off the polish.

And here’s a close up again

The gap between the colour and my cuticles was bugging me A LOT! so I had to remove it…which means I still don’t know how long the base coat would help the polish last, but I know it will be over 10 days.

That was all the pro of this base coat, now for the cons. The base coat is fairly strong scented, and not a good scent either. Of course all nail polishes are pretty smelly, so this is not really a major con. The biggest con I have noticed so far is it is REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to remove. So hard that I almost wanted to dunk my hand into a bowl of acetone and hope that will melt the base coat. But I suppose since it stays so well, it will need to be hard to remove…where there’s a pro there is a con.

I am not sure if I will get another bottle of this just because of the whole hard to remove issue. I am also still testing out it’s ability to prevent staining. I did see some yellowing after I removed the polish colour, but I had yellowing left over from previous manicures where I didn’t use this base coat, so I am not sure how well the base coat works in that department just yet.

That’s it for now, until next time, live well and SHOP lots! 🙂

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In love? Yes I am! (updated pics)

December 14, 2010


I am basically in love with this pattern, for now anyways…trying out diff colour combos. I was feeling girly and thought of the pink and silver combo. The silver (china glaze millennium) did not like my nail brush. The peach ones actually turned out better than the pink ones I think. Perhaps I will do a blue one next time. Will update with camera pic and products used…it’s too late now ( 2:30am) enjoy!


Polishes used:

Pink base – Revlon in Cotton Candy

Peach base – Revlon in Peach Smoothie

white and orange lines – random polish from Daiso

Purple line – LA Colour Art Deco in unknow colour

Copper line – Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Tutu Mocha Moko

Silver line – Chinaglaze in Millennium

Until next time, live well and SHOP lots!!

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