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[Vancity Eats] – Swiss Bakery: Frissant, The Fattening


imageWhere Main Street and 3rd ave meets is this lovely little bakery call Swiss Bakery. It’s in a sort of odd area. Anyone that knows Vancouver, this is more of an industrial area of Vancouver. Though tall residential buildings are popping up in the area, this area isn’t exactly known for it’s good food, nor the quaint atmosphere cafes usually have. But this little gem in the debris is a nice find. We only knew about it because, apparently, it was the only bakery in Van City that had “The Cronuts” that is all the rage right now in American (or was it just New York?). In any case, we decided to check it out.

I can’t be sure, but I suspect the cafe is connected to the factory part of the bakery, and that was why it was in this somewhat odd area of town. The hipster decor gives away the customer base for this cafe, and it was actually quite busy when we walked in at 2pm on a Saturday.

The Menu is written on a huge wall of black board. I’ve always liked the idea of black board wall, and honestly really liked the look of it.


Next to the counter are 2 display cases full of deserts and baked goods….yummmmm

They even have little macaroons! It was easy to get distracted, but we had to focus on our mission: cronuts! Though at this bakery they call them Frissants, which I think sounds nicer, though essentially the same.


The bakery had 2 flavours when we went. Apple cinnamon and spiced pumpkin. I have never been a big fan of pumpkin anything, but we ordered one each, though the pumpkin with hesitation. Funny enough, we both ended up like the pumpkin better than the apple. The apple one was a bit too sweet. I saw on instagram some other people sharing pictures of their frissants, and there were many other flavours…which just means we’ll need to go back and try more!

And without further adieu, here’s a profile picture of the frissant in all it’s glorious oily sweetness. YUM!

imageFor those that would like to try one on their own:

143 East 3rd Avenue (off Main Street)
Vancouver, BC V5T 1C7

Phone:       604.736.8785
Fax:            604.736.8762

Monday to Friday:                        7 am –  6 pm
Saturday:                                          8 am – 5 pm
Sunday and Holidays:                             Closed

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[Korea Bound] – Vancouver how much do I miss you, let me count the ways…

1. I miss having access to a multitude of cultural food in Vancouver, regardless of how expensive it is.

2. I miss the cars that stop for people, and not try to run them over.

3. I miss having side walks to walk on, and not having to worry about scooters or cars driving on to them and possibly running me over.

4.  I miss not having to pay an arm and a leg for strawberries or fruits in general.

5. I miss not being able to find stupid adorable things that makes me want to (and eventually do) waste money on them EVERYWHERE!!

6. I miss the smell of the ocean and even the stupid seagulls that poops on me.

7. I miss the green green grass that I can find everywhere in Vancouver, even the downtown area.

8. I miss being able to look at clothes in stores without having people follow me around like I am going to shop lift.

9. I miss being able to know how much something is before I decide if it’s worth trying on or even looking at.

10. I miss my stupid brother that understands my lame jokes, and screams when I hug him.

11. I miss hanging out with my friends.

12. I miss not having to be so reserved all the time.

13. I miss being able to ease drop on other people’s conversations and understand them.

14. I miss not having to push a button before I can get hot water running through the pipes.

15. I miss having a phone that fits in my pocket.

16. I miss people that will not cut in line.

17. I miss people not seeing my face and just start talking to me in Korean.

18. I miss my mom.

19. I miss watching hockey (especially with the play offs on now..T_T).

20. Most of all I miss speaking English and people would understand me!


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