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[DIY] – Do It Yourself BB Cushion


IMG_20170916_165239 I’ve seen a few articles/videos floating around on the internet about DIYing your own BB cushion. Normally, I don’t DIY much makeup/skin care things, mostly because (if you haven’t noticed yet) I like to try new products, and I mean I REALLY like to try new products. But staring at my hoard of BB creams that I likely won’t ever use up, I thought maybe this would be a good way to make use of my BB creams. So that I can finally finish them and have reasons to get new stuff to try!! *evil laugh*

I went mainly by this video from Meejmuse

I know there are some people on amazon/ebay that sells new cushion and containers that are made just for this, but I didn’t really want to spend any money on that. My Missha BB cushion just dried out, and so I decided to clean it up and reuse the material to make my own BB cushion. Here’s what I used:


  1. Skinfood Red Bean BB cream
  2. Sofina’s Primavista Ange – Long Keep Base UV
  3. Biore UV – Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF50 PA++++
  4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair 
  5. Naruko Calendula Soothing & Calming Toner

I just started adding stuff to the container and mixing it. The Skinfood BB cream was already a match to my skin tone, so I wasn’t too concern about the colour. The texture of BB cushion is more watery than BB creams, so I knew I had to water it down, so I added in some serum and toner to get to the more watery consistency. Then added the primer (“long keep base”) for a brightening effect and also longevity. The sunscreen was a bit of an after thought. The BB cream already had SPF, it just wasn’t strong enough. I honestly didn’t put in much thought into this, instead of colour I was more concerned with the consistency, so I added products that would help it get to the consistency I wanted.

So I ended up with this:


I did a swatch compare of the BB cream (further from wrist) and the BB cushion I made (closer to wrist).


You can see the colour of the cream on it’s own is definitely darker, and there is more coverage. The BB cushion didn’t seem to have much coverage, and the colour is on the lighter side.

I used this BB cushion on a test run today, it doesn’t cover much, but I can layer without feeling heaviness. It does even out skin tone, so if you are just looking to even out skin tone, and don’t have too much skin issues, this would be good. It could be the serum, but it felt pretty amazing on my skin 😀 I am loving this!

Maybe this will be the only way I can finish up all my BB creams.

That is all peeps! Until next time 🙂

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[BB Cream] – Skinfood Red Bean BB Cream

imageI got this BB cream after I came to Korea and ran out of my mushroom one. I only saw 3 different ones at the local Skinfood shop. Mushroom, red bean, and aloe. I figure I have already tried mushroom, and I wasn’t too keen on the aloe, and I wanted to try the red bean a while back, but it was more expensive than the mushroom one. In Korea, mushroom and red bean were both the same price. This colour is the number 2. I tried the number one, and it was way too pale for my skin tone, so I stuck with number 2. This is not that much different from the mushroom BB cream, except for the smell. The red bean has a better smell than the mushroom. Where the mushroom smelt more like grass/herbs, red bean has a more floral smell. It’s still artificial smelling, but I think I prefer it over the mushroom one.

The coverage of this BB cream is not half bad. Normally can even out my skin tone in one layer, but some large blemish is still not covered up, I usually go over it again with a dab and pat it in, that usually works fairly well, and I don’t need a concealer.

Here’s a picture I took with fluorescent lighting inside my room. I hate that light…in order from right to left: dab, smudged, and blended.


And these I took standing out in my cold freezing balcony trying to get some natural sun light.

imageI don’t know how much good it’s been for my skin, I don’t really feel like anything has changed in terms of the texture of my skin, but I did like the BB cream and I got another tube to hoard home, along with the aloe one too. I think I might get a 2nd tube, a tube lasts me about a year. I have tried other BB cream samples (Etude House, The Faceshop, and Lioele), and I still like Skinfood the best.


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[Nail-mania] – Etude House nail colours

Kinda in love with Etude House nail polishes. I got a few different brands already here in Korea (Skinfood, Lioele, and Etude House). Lioele is not bad but price wise it’s a bit high (for Korea). I really wanted to like Skinfood, but I don’t know if it’s the particular store or what, their polishes seems to have been there for a long time, and are a bit gooey. The colour selection wasn’t that great either. Where as Etude House has a wider selection of colour and the polish are not gooey, not only that, they are cheap!

I did a French tip mani with the new polish I got today! Again, if I could read Korean I would tell you what colour they are. The peachy one was 1,500 won (about $1.50), and the darker one (it’s a brown colour) one was 2,000 won (about $2). The brown one is suppose to be a matte colour but I put a top coat over it, so it’s shinny. Though I do not mind the matte look, I wouldn’t use it matte for the tip, but I wouldn’t use the colour on the entire finger, it’s a bit too hot for that right now.


This picture was taken inside my room, with white lights. The brown is not very true to colour.


The peach colour is pretty much a nude, I’ve been trying to find a colour like that for forever. These two will be coming home with me. This picture was taken with natural lighting and the colours are closer to what the eye sees.

After looking through some of the cosmetics stores in Korea, I have started to have less favouritism towards Skinfood. Price wise, Skinfood and Etude House are probably on the same level. Holika Holika, TonyMoly, and The Face Shop are a bit higher, but not by much. By category, and my theory that if a brand is good with skin care, they aren’t so great with cosmetics, and vice versa, I would buy skin care from Skinfood, Tony Moly, and The Face Shop; and cosmetics from Etude House and Holika Holika.

I tried a few skin care products from Etude House and they aren’t that amazing. I am currently using a The Face Shop night cream, and I actually really like it. I think I might switch from Skinfood.

When I leave Korea, I am going to have to send myself a big box of cosmetics/skin care before I leave. They are just too cheap here.

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[Food for Your Skin]- SkinFood Black Raspberry Face Cream (Sui)

Nov 06, 2011

Yes, it’s another SkinFood product, I am obsessed I know…

This was from a recent SkinFood haul I did on ebay. The Black Raspberry Face Cream, the water(sui) formula (I can’t recall what the other formula was called…). This is another gel cream from SkinFood. The reason I don’t buy regular cream from SkinFood was a while back I tried a sample of the carrot face cream from SkinFood, and it was probably the worst cream I have ever tried. It was wayyy to thick, felt sticky on my face, and whenever I breath, I can literally feel the condensation from my breath (I am not exaggerating…). Yes it was a horrible experience, and I decided I do not want to endure that ever again, so I’ve been sticking with gel creams from SkinFood since. That being said, the 3 gel creams that I have used from SkinFood (Lettuce and Cucumber Jelly Cream and Facial Water Vitamin B Cream, Facial Water Vitamin C Cream) have not performed as well as I would have liked. They were all very refreshing, without the sticky feeling of some face creams, but with minimal moisturising effects. The lack of performance is especially obvious during the cold, dry winter months in Vancouver. But the Black Raspberry cream is a bit different. I have had about a month’s use out of the raspberry cream. I have now switched my vitamin C cream to the morning (ran out of my peach sake lotion), and am using the raspberry cream for night time. The biggest difference I can feel is how “bouncy” (for a lack of a better word to describe it) my skin feels after I apply this cream. It feels kind of like after I have used a sheet mask, which is pretty amazing for just a cream. The improved performance did not take away the normal light/refreshing feeling of the gel cream, which is a huge plus in my books.

Another plus? The ADORABLE packaging of course! I love the little paper cap (useless, yes I know), and the whole antique-y look of it.

Here’s a picture of the product itself. The consistency seems to be a bit thicker than the other gel creams I have used.

I got this off of ebay for $15(? I think), it’s 50ml (which is cheap in comparison to Biotherm’s 50ml for $62). The only con I can see so far is the smell. I half expected it to smell like raspberry, rather it’s more of a earthy, dirt/grass like scent. At first the smell did bother me, but after a few uses I got use to it, now it doesn’t irritate me at all, I rather like the smell. I think maybe it bothered me at first just because I was expecting more of a fruity smell (with the name of a fruit in the name and all). The other reason that I continued to use it regardless of the smell was that the scent did not linger for too long. Once it was spread out on my face it was pretty much gone.

What I should mention along with this post is the eye cream of the same line. I got a sample of it from the seller and have been using it lately. It’s not a bad eye cream, it does feel very moisturising. But as I have just started using it for the last couple of days, my review is very much initial, and probably will not be completed until I decide I want the full size version of it. I am still looking for a good eye cream. I have dry skin around my eyes, with lots of fine lines and sensitive skin, if anyone’s got some recommendations (not expensive recommendations) I would like to hear them. I have tried samples of Dior hydrating something eye cream and loved it, but refuse to fork over $50 for a 15ml jar. Please do let me know if you have any recommendations or suggestions on what I should try.

Lots of love!!

OH! I am one week away from another trip to Portland, OR I am soooo excited for all the shopping I will be doing! (I don’t think my wallet feels the same though). Hopefully I don’t injure my wallet too badly.


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Ebay Haul

August 13, 2011

Hello All! Sorry for the delay in post (seems this is always my opening line LOL). Yes, I’ve been procrastinating again…Anyways, I received this haul a few weeks ago. I went a bit crazy with ebay buying, fails so much. So without further ado…



Is this not the most adorable thing EVER?! This wasn’t mine. I wanted to order it, showed it to my friend. She then wanted to order it, and determined that I should not order it because I do not need it. They are all hand cream and smell differently each (floral, baby powder, green tea, and peach). The hand cream is not bad at all, my friend shares them LOL.


So this was my replacement for the vitamin a water cream that I finished. This is the vitamin c version. So far I love it.
The texture is pretty much similar to the vitamin a water cream. I can’t really tell the difference between the vitamin a and c one. The c one is suppose to have more whitening properties (which I don’t really see), but it moisturizes, and that’s really all I expect.


so this is one of the Korean mascara that I ordered (not the first one, but probably the last one). I ordered this after being disappointed by 2 Etude House ones I ordered (non-curling of lashes). To be safe I ordered one that has curling lashes as a property, yeah it failed.


I mean the product itself was not bad. There was no smudging and no clumping of lashes, the fail part was that my lashes did not stay curled, which is pretty important for me. I’ve been using it as a top coat over other mascaras that is able to keep my lashes curled. I was highly disappointed. This is probably the first Skin Food product that I was disappointed with.


Another brow pencil. The colour of course is grey brown. I think i still like the Skin Food version better, just simply because of the shape of the pencil. It’s so big it’s hard to get the colour to where I want it to be.


Here’s the colour of it. It is not bad at all. It is a dollar cheaper than the Skin Food one though, and the weight is higher (meaning more product), so I don’t know if I will hoard this instead.


One thing I love about this seller, the samples!! SOOOO MANY!!! AND! there’s a golden kiwi one! I wanted to try that sooo badly! YEEEHH!!

ok That’s it for my haul! 🙂

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